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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Historical Significance of a Government That Just Keeps Giving - Venezuela's Bolivarian Socialism, A Model of Creative Altruism (Revised)

I would ask this simple question to the Venezuelan people: is it more honorable for a government of great wealth to afford its citizens a better life, or is it more noble for a government on a restricted budget to give all that it can afford, and then some, to help its own citizens?

For a government that's lost around 40% of its total income be delivering 60% of everything for programs of social uplift is an astounding act of altruism for any era in human history, and such loyalty shouldn't go unnoticed. The Moses of American broadcast journalism, Edward R. Murrow, used to say there's nothing wrong with bias as long as you don't try to hide it. So here, once again, is mine.

For the Bolivarian government to demonstrate this kind of commitment after dramatic decreases in oil prices in recent years and the loss of revenue clearly demonstrates a level of commitment to its people that we've rarely seen in the course of human history. Times are hard, and "what have you done for me lately" is the standard by which all governments are judged, especially in historically poor nations, but we do know why times are so hard, and we know it wasn’t mismanagement of the country that brought the Bolivarians to this difficult place they're in. And, yet, despite all the difficulties, they haven't missed a beat when it comes to expenditures to help their own people, a startling revelation if you just paused for a moment or two to consider the bloody, tumultuous history of human on this planet.

What governments during throughout the course of human history, with the exception of a few governments in Latin America and Europe, have ever done this for their people? Their level of commitment to democratic standards of excellence serves as a stark lesson for Americans whose government has betrayed them throughout their history to the tune of approximately 30 trillion dollars during the Great Recession of 2008 and its aftermath. An astonishing fact about this is that the average American household lost 40% of its savings between 2008-2011. This internal burglarizing of a nation by its ruling class turned out to be the greatest heist of money from the poor to the upper classes in history and is the hallmark of dirty, diseased and dying regimes. 

(Financial Crime - Class War Films) 

Can we imagine a government that spends 60% of its budget on programs of social uplift? Though we may begin to approach such a figure, technically, we remember that one out of every four corporations in America pays no income taxes, at all, including some the biggest winners in this dying system of predatory capitalism. As a result, we're all living on the eve of destruction. Do any honest Americans have the audacity to tell me I'm crazy for admiring and recognizing the altruism on display in Venezuela?

Any honest American would love to have a government like that, and it was our government that recently acted as the facilitator for that upward theft of wealth. The biggest "welfare queens" in the country turn out to be the bankers who, as a whole, don't turn a profit but receive around 83 billion dollars every year in free handouts from the U.S. taxpayer. How is it possible that those institutions which were responsible for tanking our economy and a large part of the world's markets, also, receive more money every year than gets allotted to the Food Stamp Program (81 billion USD) and, yet, remain respected to the point of adulation by some Americans? Why is the banker taking free handouts considered a "shrewd businessman" while the poor person accepting a gift is stigmatized for being a "moocher?" Why do the rich get bailed out while the small children of this nation are born to parents of modest means and required to learn market discipline? 

Occupy Wall Street began to shed light on the crimes of our government and its elites before it was cracked down on by Barack Obama, but we remain largely a nation of obedient, conformist, consumer-oriented, semi-consious humans who are completely subservient to the powers that have set up this rigged system  and are preparing to do it all again in the not-too-distant future. In the telling words of former President, Jimmy Carter, the U.S. is now an oligarchy, no longer a democracy.

Americans should stop to consider what it would be like if we had the kind of government the Venezuelans have relied on since 1999. What would it be like to live in a world with a government that, despite losing 40% of its income continues to spend 60% of it on programs of social uplift, even after people voted to give control of the country’s parliament back to the wealthy who got them into this mess in the the first place?

We should wake up to the fact that our media is commited to bringing us incorrect information about the world we live in because six major corporations own 90% of that media. It turns out that this media is conveniently owned by rich people with an agenda that's there to serve their shareholders and other wealthy people like themselves. Until we figure out that the Nightly News is lying to us about the world we live in, we're going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to figuring out our actual circumstances and what to do about it. It's all a lie. 

(U.S. Media and the Israeli/Palestinian Crisis - Documentary)

(George Carlin - Comedian - The Illusion of Choice)

"More than by force, they use deception to dominate us."

--Simón Bolívar

Do we minimize their altruism, pretend it's unimportant, or recognize it and demand our own rogue government uphold its sovereignty so it's more likely to happen in the future? If you don’t support ideas with the potential to bring you relief from your own suffering, they'll die and your options for creating a better world for yourselves with them. As Albert Einstein would say, leading by example isn't another way to teach, it's the only way to teach. We Americans have our work cut out for us. Venezuela has provided us with a noble example, and it's up to us to learn from it.

If you fail to water a plant bearing good fruit, it dies from malnourishment and the sustenance it would have provided with it. The same applies to people and mass movements which are the backbone of all major social change in the world. The events taking place all over the world affect us here at home, also. We live in a world held together in a single garment of destiny as Martin Luther King, Jr. said. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. All good, as well as bad, has a ripple effect that eventually comes full circle to find us someday.

The significance of noblility by a government is magnified even more when you stop to consider the last few thousand years of human history. How many governments have done such a thing in the past? Few have ever tried.

We should begin to see the irony in our current situation as our government uses its influence in the world to demonize the leftist government of Venezuela for reasons that have everything to do with the retaking of their oil reserves and other resources for the benefit of U.S. transnationals. This is happening while that country's poor are being pre-destined, once again, to live out their lives on the very edge of human existence. Do these committed socialists who won't stop giving deserve our scorn, or are they heroes worthy of our our praise and admiration?

Do Americans know our government is carrying out covert operations in Venezuela to prevent a democratic government from succeeding just because that government is refusing to obey the dictates of Washington and hand over its resources to our transnationsals for peanuts while neglecting the needs of its own citizens who need that revenue to meet their needs, not the selfish, greedy desires of predatory capitalists with no regard for human life?

Can Americans recognize a good government when they see it? The same question could be asked of Venezuela's electorate which infamously voted to reinstate their old, oppressive oligarchy during the country's parliamentary elections on December 6th of last year and pick up where they left off in 1999 by resuming over 500 years of exploitation at the hands of foreign powers. This leaves their president, Nicolás Maduro Moros, to carry out his job duties as a lame duck president in the same way any U.S. president would be a sitting target if he had to deal with a Congress controlled by the opposition. 

"An ignorant nation is a blind instrument of its own destruction."

--Simon Bolivar

We’re missing the point and failing to see the real meaning in Venezuela's predicament, the historical significance of a government that steps up to the plate for its citizenry and risks everything just to be denounced in the global press as power-hungry tyrants. The real tyrants happen to be on the other side of the Caribbean. We should reward unselfish behavior before we lose a progressive, forward thinking government that stands to go down in history as one of the most generous political movements historians have ever seen and, quite possibly, ever will again.

(Venezuela Slashes Military Spending by 34%)

Perhaps, the biggest irony of all is that our leaders systematically demonize the Bolivarians on the world stage for spending 60% of their income on social programs while our own government spends a whopping 55% of its budget on a sprawling military-industrial complex that's devouring the very tissue of our nation from within in a selfish pursuit of global domination. This pursuit has led to the ruin of every empire that ever preceded it with the one possible, partial exception of the United Kingdom. In the words of the late 
Professor, Chalmers Johnson,  we can have an empire or a democracy, but we can't have both.

(CIA World Fact Book - Military Expenditures by Nation)

This pursuit of global dominance, which the planners first began to recognize as a "viable option" when America was at the peak of her economic might during World War II (having 50% of the world's wealth despite having only 4% of its population) is an imperial blood bath measured in the loss of millions of lives and countless others harmed forever.

There is little hope for change until things get worse for us, a disgraceful turn of events for a Grand Experiment that once captivated the world with its lofty ideals that have now turned into little more than empty rhetoric and billions of shattered lives stretching from one end of the planet to the other.

(Pale Blue Dot Animation - Narrated by Carl Sagan) 

(South of the Border - Al Sur de la Fronter - An Oliver Stone Documentary - Documental) 

(La Revolución No Será Televisada - An Oliver Stone Documentary)

(The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Chavez: Inside the Coup - An Oliver Stone Documentary)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The U.S. 'War on Drugs' with Sean Penn's Interview of Sinaloa Cartel Kingpen, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera, for Rolling Stone Magazine (Revised)

In terms of any real existential threat posed to humanity, the Drug Cartels are relatively minor players compared to the very real threat posed to humans by Big Oil, Wall Street, and Corporate America who have the power to tank the world economy just to extend their profits and destroy the human habitat which we humans and other animals need to survive. And the American taxpayer gets the profound honor and privilege of paying for it all. He wins the right to fund his own extinction by virtue of his historical reliability, hard work and a giddy willingness to believe everything the government tells him with no questions asked. Bragging rights, I guess. Don't go after the Cartels; if you want real results, go after the bankers.

George Carlin on the Death Penalty

At least, with the Cartels, you can easily put them out of business for good without having to send your military to occupy foreign countries to kill innocent people and fund their perpetual exploitation at the hands of our multinationals simply by educating our children about the perils of drug use and embracing a national campaign to change our collective lifestyle not unlike the campaign used in recent years to diminish the hold that tobacco has had on us for decades.

(Media Roots Radio on SoundCloud - America's 50 Year War in Colombia: Death Squads & Drug Management)

Tobacco has the dubious distinction of killing around six million people worldwide every year. In contrast, there’s never been a single recorded death due to the use of marijuana in the entire history of human civilization. I’m not judging anybody. Education is the key to success, and the best part of it all is that it doesn't require a single drop of blood to do it. The changes will be lasting and transformative.

When you stop to think about it, why should we have anymore right to militarily occupy sovereign countries and repress their natural evolution toward real democracies (one of the hidden reasons for our government’s War on Drugs) than they should have the right to come here and do the same to us to prevent us from sending our publicly-subsidized tobacco abroad to add more fuel to the fire of their countrys' health care problems? Tobacco is the only product marketed for mass consumption that’s lethal when used as directed.

Legalize, regulate, and help solve our festering budget crises from Maine to California by moderately taxing drugs and bringing the whole process in from the dark where most of the danger lies. When people have to go undercover, temporarily stepping into a burgeoning underworld replete with all kinds of unforeseen dangers to get what they want, their level of risk goes up, unnecessarily. We could be making safe, affordable, and easily attainable herb available to our citizenry at our local pharmacies, and no one would be the wiser for it. After all, marijuana is much safer than everything else out there including cigarettes and alcohol—especially, cigarettes and alcohol.

The facts are overwhelmingly on the side of legalization, but we’ve only partially awakened from a collective delusion that was sinisterly imposed on us as part of a massive decades-long campaign of startlingly misleading propaganda that was initially meant to criminalize the dangerous classes. It's evolved into, among other things, a method for funding criminal government activities, both, domestically and abroad.

(Social Cleansing, the ‘War on Drugs,’ Marijuana and Prohibition – Noam Chomsky)

Let’s rethink the leaf and what we erroneously presume to be our common sense positions on the War on Drugs instead of using that war as a pretext for enslaving a third of all black men in our massively corrupt and misguided prison-industrial complex (a for-profit enterprise that destructively incentivizes mass incarceration). We enslave a highly disproportionate number of our unwanted minorities and incarcerate a full twenty-five percent of the world’s prison population despite the fact that, as a nation, we make up less than five percent of the world’s population.

(The Case for Decriminalization – Portugal)

Don’t we think this has gotten out of hand? With our prisons being so heavily overcrowded and less and less funds being available to warehouse our fellow human beings for decades of their lives for what often amounts to acts that are completely harmless to society, it’s time to think more carefully about where we choose to invest our time, energy, resources and hard-earned money in the future so we don’t exhaust ourselves running aimlessly in every which direction.

(The New Jim Crow – Michelle Alexander)

(People Sentenced for Drug Offenses in the US Correctional System)

By allowing our attention to be carefully diverted to the far lesser crimes of the Drug Cartels, we are blinded to the very real dangers to our future posed by Wall Street, Corporate America, Big Oil, and the Too Big To Fail institutions which have the potential to destroy us. The sooner we stop blaming others for the condition we’re in and begin to question everything our government tells us, the sooner we’ll be on our way to solving our problems instead of running from them and wondering why things aren’t getting any better.

Meanwhile, when we, hypocritically and unilaterally, enact economic sanctions against other nations, we aren’t making any friends around the world among people who justifiably resent us for what we allow our government to do in our names to avoid having to deal with what we should have been dealing with all along. What are the fans of two of Colombia’s most successful soccer teams going to believe when we do this to them and, simultaneously, seek to prevent their country from attaining a higher level of democracy? How can we tell them to ‘clean up their act’ when we haven’t cleaned up our own? Our position is a much weaker one when you stop to think about it. Be the change you want to see in the world.

(U.S. Treasury Clears America de Cali)

(Vice Sports – This Soccer Team is on a U.S. Government Blacklist for its Ties to Narco-Trafficking)

(Economic Sanctions Against Colombian Drug Cartels)

The Cartels and bothersome low-level dealers aren’t the problem. The key is in changing our own behavior not unleashing a sprawling army of men, women and costly military might to fight all kinds of externalities that are neither here nor there when we should just get real with ourselves. Our problems lie within. 

Changing our own behavior is the only solution that will ever produce results that won’t commit us to a course of action that will get us way in over our heads in blood, sacrifice and suffering. It’s not, at all, important what the Chapos and Escobars of the world are doing. What is important is what we’re doing. It’s not what we think of others, but what we think of ourselves that counts. We shouldn't invest in destroying the current system but in making it obsolete. That means pulling out the toolbox and working on us, not someone else.

(Sean Penn Interview with Sinaloa Cartel Kingpen, Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera, for Rolling Stone Magazine)

(Plan Colombia - Documentary)

We’re ensuring our reliance on others and our ongoing inner weakness as a people by trying to force others to do our will through the use of force instead of looking at the man in the mirror. This is why we should stop giving our government the right to tell us what we can and can't put into our own bodies. If we don’t see our lives as fully our own, we will never take responsibility for ourselves and solve our most perplexing problems.

It’s not that I want to see anyone suffer by using harmful drugs, but one of the ways to reduce their destructive force is for us to take possession of our lives, to be the masters of our destiny. When we give up that natural right, we weaken ourselves and weaken our resolve to deal with problems independently and, thus, we ensure our reliance on others who may or may not have our best interests at heart or be equipped to really deal with life's complexities.

The very definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s time to avoid overrelying on clichés and dig deeper for truth which, if we care to investigate, doesn’t lie that far beneath the surface.

América de Cali Soccer Club Logo

Envigado F.C. Soccer Club Logo

Monday, January 4, 2016

I Cannot, In Good Conscience, Allow This To Go On

Dear sir and/or ma’am,

Since my last biweekly injection of Risperdal Consta (50mg), on December 23rd of 2015, I’ve experienced yet another two weeks of disastrously harsh effects from a drug I first complained about to caseworker, Anthony King, back in March of 2014, less than three months after the forced court-ordered treatments began for an imaginary, nonexistent psychotic episode that, as a result, is neither here nor there.

Given the fact that I'm intimately familiar with the many nuances of delusional thinking due to a year-long, nightmarish bout with the problem back in ’84 and ’85, I’m shocked that anyone calling himself or herself a doctor would make such a claim. I’ve been level-headed and quite reasonable for decades with no major disruptions to my thought processes, a time-span which, by the way, included ten years of false imprisonment in which I’ve seen people slit their own throats and commit other acts of desperation just to get into a mental hospital and out of prison. One of your own doctors concluded just recently that my reasoning capacities are quite good. So, how could there be a problem?

These side-effects vary from injection to injection so, during this particular two-week cycle, the problem was primarily two weeks of almost non-stop diarrhea and a dry mouth so severe that I would often wake up in the middle of the night out of a deep sleep. In context, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many other side-effects which have been permanent, such as a deep burning sensation in my extremities, especially, my thigh and calf muscles after performing less than a minute of light work around the house or even just bending over to pick something up. This, for a man who, just a few years ago, could work all day long in a hot shop repairing power tools for extra income. Some other symptoms I’ve been experiencing, off and on, for the last two years have been shortness of breath, dizziness, and rapid heart rate, problems for which one is frequently recommended to go right away to the nearest emergency room for medical evaluation and possible treatment.

However, despite bringing these issues, and many others, to the attention of the clinic’s staff, repeatedly, over the last two years, no one has even bothered to acknowledge their existence much less address them in a comprehensive way. Even worse, a member of your staff has recently even tried to ask me the same questions over and over again in attempts to catch me in lies rather than admit there's a problem.

Due to the fact that the administration of Risperdal Consta has proven to have a powerful and lasting negative impact on my overall health and more, I find it absolutely necessary to insist that all further injections of the drug be discontinued at once so as to protect and preserve what is left of my health. Indeed, the deterioration of my health was intolerable from the start but, apparently, there are those among you with little or no regard for the safety and wellbeing of your clients who are, after all, the lifeblood of your operation and who, in a literal sense, represent your livelihoods. You should at least take care of them.

I’m not one who is given to demonstrations of power and authority as I, generally, prefer to speak softly and stay within the parameters of socially-accepted norms of behavior. However, as a person who isn’t given to false modesty or a passive submission to authority which would, in all likelihood, see me perish prematurely within a year or two if things continue the way they’ve been going, I’m obligated to do what’s best for me.

Thus, I’ve decided on a clear-set course of action after carefully weighing the facts and determining that I must do what is best for me even if it means going up against those who have the corporate-controlled, corporate-owned courts at their disposal but who have, no less, shown a blatant and callous disregard for my wellbeing over the years. I simply cannot, in good conscience, allow this to go on without making my voice heard.

I am a man of reason which is why I’m proposing that I begin a new regimen of Risperdal tablet therapy (4mg once a day) as we begin the process of discussing new treatment options for the future. Unless I’m missing something important from a decade of past treatment with the drug, Risperdal tablets, taken orally, have side-effects that are less severe for me than Risperdal injections. Reasonable people will agree that my right to survival takes precedence over your right to impose drugs on me that I don’t need and are potentially life-ending. Your cooperation in this matter is, hereby, requested and would be appreciated.

If you agree or disagree, please contact me via email to let me know what you think. I am prepared to be incarcerated or, otherwise, institutionalized for what I know is right. Therefore, I won’t be coming in for another injection tomorrow, but I am prepared to begin oral administration of Risperdal tablets right away (4 mg once a day). If you wish, you can call in, fax or submit the prescription to my pharmacy online and, if you would like to speed up my next appointment with the nurse practitioner, please send me an email at your convenience.

CVS Pharmacy

Address: 18460 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Phone: (602) 993-5781

Hours: Open today · Open 24 hours

(The Mental Health Industry as a Modernized Method of Social Control for Political Dissidents - Revised on 12-22-2015)

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Importance of Miami to Latin American Elites (La Importancia de Miami Para Las Élites de América Latina)

Miami is a kind of home away from home for many Latin American elites. Located on the southern tip of Florida, a state (what’s known as a province in Argentina or a department in Colombia) in the southern part of the United States, Miami is where Latin American elites congregate, organize and plan their strategies when they’re away from their primary residences on the South American continent, Central America and the Caribbean. If you look at a map of the region, you’ll see that Havana, Cuba is located about 231 miles away from Miami, Florida.

This is an important fact to be aware of because, before Che Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos and other Latin revolutionaries marched triumphantly into Havana in 1959, that city's elites and other Cuban elites plundered Cuban banks and fled north to Miami for their own safety, away from the revolutionaries in search of social and economic justice.

It's worth noting that there was no chaos when Che Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos marched into Havana. Thus, the worst fears of Cuba's elites were never realized, but they had fled, taking up resistance in Miami and throughout Florida where they launched violent attacks against their homeland in order to undermine the government of Fidel and Raul Castro. The US government, in turn, launched, perhaps, the worst assault on a tiny nation, short of an all-out military invasion, in human history.

So, Argentines and people from Latin America should understand that this class war being waged against them throughout Latin America has as one of its focal points--other than Washington DC and Wall Street--Miami, Florida in the southern United States, conveniently located on the continental United States nearest to the largest part of Latin American.

As Latin America's greatest author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez pointed out, Latin America has been under assault by superpowers for a long time, and the focal point of resistance to Latin American social and economic justice is in the United States, that is, what I like to call Empire.

As a young man, I went to school with some of Colombia's elites and saw, firsthand, how they frequently shuttled back and forth between Colombian cities and Miami. They spent their summers in Miami, spent weeks or even weekends there frolicking in the sun, soaking up rays and planning future conquests. In fact, so strong are the ties between Colombian elites and the United States that the elite school I went to on the Atlantic coast of Colombia taught students in English in order to facilitate a lifetime of communication between Colombian elites and the United States.

It should be noted that this relationship does not work to the benefit of the vast majority of Americans, either, as it’s a relationship, primarily, among global elites who, by and large, seek to foster economic injustice worldwide in the pursuit of more and more riches for themselves at the expense of the multitudes. Many of them have second homes and other property in Florida. Thus, Miami is an international capital city of sorts, a hub for Latin American elites.


Documental Reavivó La Oscura Relación Entre Stornelli y Pleé Con Los Barras Bravas De Boca
(La Importancia De La Ciudad De Miami Para Las Elites De Latinoamérica)

Hay algo muy importante que explicarles sobre este video de Pleé y el nombramiento a la Procuración General por decreto del gobierno de Mauricio Macri. En el primer minuto de este video refieren al hecho de que un grupo de jueces argentinos fueron a viaje a Miami, Florida en los Estados Unidos.

Lo que deben entender es que Miami es un hogar lejos del hogar para muchas élites latinoamericanas. Situado en el extremo sur de la Florida, un estado (lo que se conoce como una provincia en argentina o un departamento en Colombia) en la parte sur de los Estados Unidos, Miami es el lugar donde élites latinoamericanas se congregan, organizan y planifican sus estrategias cuando están lejos de sus residencias primarias en el continente de América del Sur, América Central y el Caribe.

Así, que el hecho de que estos jueces argentinos se viajaron a Miami para participar en un seminario para ensenarles un guioncito de mentiras sobre la Ley de los Medios no es muy sorprendente al menos si uno esta consiente de la relación íntima entre Miami y Latinoamérica para las elites latinas.

Si nos fijamos en un mapa de la región, verán que La Habana, Cuba se encuentra a aproximadamente 231 millas de distancia de Miami, Florida.

Este es un dato importante que tener en cuenta, ya que, antes de que Che Guevara, Camilo Cienfuegos y otros revolucionarios marcharon triunfalmente en las calles de Habana, Cuba el 2 de Enero de 1959, las élites de esa ciudad y otras élites cubanas saquearon los bancos cubanos y huyeron al norte a Miami para proteger a sí mismos, lejos de los revolucionarios quienes estaban en búsqueda de la justicia social y económica para el pueblo cubano.

Cabe señalar que, en contraste a todos los rumores de violencia descontrolada, no hubo caos cuando Che y Cienfuegos entraron a La Habana. Su marcha se notaba por la tranquilidad en que tuvo lugar. De este modo, los peores temores de las élites cubanas no se hicieron realidad, pero se huyeron y tomaron resistencia en Miami y en toda la Florida, donde lanzaron ataques violentos contra su patria con el fin de socavar el gobierno de Fidel y Raúl Castro. El gobierno de Estados Unidos, por su parte, puso en marcha, tal vez, el peor asalto a una pequeña nación, a falta de una invasión militar sin cuartel, en la historia de la humanidad.

Así que los argentinos y el pueblo Latinoamericano deben comenzar a entender que esta guerra de clases que se libra en contra de ellos por toda América Latina tiene como uno de sus puntos focales ademas de Washington y Wall Street, a Miami, Florida, en el sur de Estados Unidos, situado en el territorio continental de Estados Unidos más cercano a la mayor parte de América Latina.

El autor más destacado en la historia de América Latina, Gabriel García Márquez, señaló que América Latina ha estado bajo un asalto por superpotencias extranjeras desde hace mucho tiempo, y el punto focal de esa resistencia a la justicia social y económica de América Latina se encuentra localizado en los Estados Unidos, es decir, lo que me gusta llamar Imperio.

 Cien Años de Soledad - Audiolibro

Cuando era joven, fui a la escuela secundaria con algunas de las élites colombianas y vi de primera mano, cómo, con frecuencia, se transportaron de ida y vuelta entre las ciudades colombianas y Miami. Ellos pasaban el verano en Miami, pasaron semanas o incluso los fines de semanas allí retozando en el sol y planeando conquistas futuras. De hecho, tan fuertes son los lazos entre las élites colombianas y los Estados Unidos que la escuela para élites que asistí como niño en la costa Atlántica de Colombia enseñó a los estudiantes en inglés con el fin de facilitar una vida de comunicación entre las élites colombianas y los Estados Unidos.

Cabe señalar que esta relación no funciona en beneficio de la gran mayoría de los estadounidenses, tampoco, ya que es una relación, sobre todo, entre las élites globales que, en general, tratan de fomentar la injusticia económica a nivel mundial en la busqueda de mas y mas riquezas para ellos a las expensas de las multitudes del mundo. Muchos de ellos tienen segundas residencias y otras propiedades en la Florida. Por lo tanto, Miami es un tipo de ciudad internacional de capitales, un centro para las élites latinoamericanas.