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Friday, March 21, 2014

Latest, And Perhaps, Last (Maybe, Maybe Not) Insult From Magellan of Arizona's Saguaro Clinic

I've found that the agenda of war that has been methodically waged against me for so long is, in part, an ongoing attempt to get me to say something publicly, and in writing if possible, that will convince the public that I have some deep, inner flaw and am, therefore, not worthy of being recognized and not a legitimate person that most people can count on for a deeper understanding of the world we live in. The most important aspect of these simulated realities is to convince the public that I'm flawed in a moral sense and, therefore, that my message of love and reconciliation is a hoax and not to be acknowledged. For those who don't get the opportunity to see with their own eyes just how vicious and cruel these attacks have been for more than three decades, you may not instantly recognize the fact that the very reasons they attack me are, in a very real sense, the irrefutable evidence that my message is, in fact, vitally important to the future of humanity and that my visionary claims are not a hoax at all.

They know, all too well, that one accidental error in word usage can change the entire meaning of a sentence or paragraph--or an entire blog entry for that matter. Thus, I've taken it upon myself to radically brush up my latest blog entry which you previously saw in the raw, as it was written in haste as somewhat of a knee-jerk reaction to what I obviously knew to be just one more attempt in a decades-long stream of provocations designed to provoke me into such actions in the hopes that I'll finally "give away" that deeply-rooted character flaw that my detractors have been so viciously attempting to manufacture without success for so long. It is my contention that, even if the American population is, by and large, unable to recognize me for who I actually am, that some of our most important radicals would be able to recognize it given the opportunity. My battle is made more daunting and perilous by the fact that I spent ten years behind bars for fictitious crimes and thirty years mislabeled as a paranoid schizophrenic in the mental health system. This way, they've been able to effortlessly turn public opinion against me at much less than a moment's notice for a very long time.

"To punish me for my contempt for authority, fate made me an authority myself."

--Albert Einstein

So, here is the updated version of my last post:

People, do you remember that I posted in my blog about one week ago that I was not going to allow myself to be subjected to testing for illegal drug use at the Saguaro Clinic? My entry stated that they had wanted to roll in this kind of testing along with other tests to measure blood levels for other medications that I was taking. Well, after almost an entire lifetime of being a role model when it comes to drug use, I wasn’t going to allow them to subject me to drug testing that they themselves don’t have to take. This was an insult that I could not allow to happen, and furthermore, I am also an activist and a strong proponent for the decriminalization of drug use because its had incredible results in the nation of Portugal. It's important for me to establish the fact that I'm not an illegal drug user, myself, so as to fortify my legitimacy (not in a hypocritial, vain attempt to try to extoll my virtues) when discussing this topic as an activist who wants to make the world a better and much safer place for all of us. I simply recognized early on in my life the advantages of not relying on any substance to alter my state of mind whenever it can possibly be avoided.

So I refused to do the testing and be subjected to the indignity after pretty much a lifetime of being a role model though I am not ashamed to say that I've gone through a few brief periods of experimentation in my life, during my 48 years, and I want to be as transparent as it gets when I tell you that I actually did inhale and used cocaine around a dozen times or so as a teenager. It should be pointed out from what tragically happened to the college phenom basketball superstar, Len Bias, that, with cocaine, just one time (or perhaps several months as the actual extent of Len Bias' use of the substance is not known for sure--and actually, I don't think it should matter one bit, one way or the other) can be once too many. And it's not that those who use illegal drugs, prescriptions, or even certain supplements are morally flawed or defective in some way or another. As one of this nation's greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, once noted:

"It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues."

--Abraham Lincoln

Michael Weinreb: 'The Day Innocence Died'  -  The Story of Len Bias

For me, it has nothing to do with morality at all. What one chooses to put in one's own body should simply be a matter of personal choice. How else are we to ever take responsibility for our own lives if we are told we don't have a right to do with our bodies as we see fit? To me, this point is a universal truism, as simple to understand as the equation 1 + 1 = 2. Yet, we are routinely told that what we do as adults to our own bodies is not legal and is often immoral. How do we hope to foster a society full of responsible people if they are taught not to take possession of and responsibility for their own bodies and lives? Moreover, since this affects only the user and no one else, it's a personal choice one makes. Teach me with love in your heart what is best for me, but don't criminalize a behavior that is a prodoundly personal choice and no one else's business in the world.

"Love is a better teacher than duty."

--Albert Einstein

For me, I simply see the advantages in being mentally strong and not relying on an inner need to alter my state of consciousness with chemicals that I don't need for health-related reasons in order to survive or for maintaining my physical health.  Some of the finest people I've ever known have been habitual drug users, and, in turn, some of the worst people I've known have also been the same, but there is nothing about one's use of drugs that makes a person "bad" per se. 

In my mind, the best possible scenario is to do away with the temptation to use drugs completely and, in lieu of our success with this lofty goal, for the time being, our nation's young should be properly educated about the many perils of drug use. But under no circumstances would I ever condone what our government is doing to foster drug use in this country by using the drug trade as a financial tool  to fund the government with and use the "War on Drugs" as a tool of repression to incarcerate what is unjustly considered to be this country's superfluous populations, namely African-Americans, Latinos and other minorities who don't have enough skill-level to be employable or useful in some other way to the white majority. In short, it's one way of, unofficially, reinstituting slavery in our country.

(Noam Chomsky: US "War on Drugs" in Latin America):

(Former LAPD Detective turned Whistle-Blower, Michael Ruppert on CIA Drug Smuggling and The Ensuing Worldwide Collapse That Is Imminent):

(Michelle Alexander: 'The New Jim Crow' - Wikipedia Article)

(Noam Chomsky on Marijuana and More):

(Noam Chomsky on Why Tobacco is Legal and Marijuana Isn't Legal):

(Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner & Tobacco Subsidies)

(Noam Chomsky: The Race War of Drug Prohibition):

As a result, fully one-third of the African-American population is compromised by our criminal justice system with most of those involving drug-related "crimes." In Portugal, the number of heroin addicts has been reduced by 50% as a result of decriminalization of drug use in that country. In short, they see people as needing help for these acts, not as criminals though drug dealing is still to some degree punished as a crime.  My point is that if you have people who are properly educated as children, combined with a healthy society that serves all its citizens, not just a few at the very top, then we can virtually eliminate these types of social issues someday--and the sooner the better. It should be duly noted that there have been no known overdoses in the use of marijuana in more than 60 million reported uses of the drug, and it is so much safer than tobacco that one must look underneath the surface to understnad why marijuana is criminalized and tobacco isn't. In fact, our entire War on Drugs has the intended effect of promoting the use of hard drugs over soft ones like the predominantly benign marijuana, although there have been some rare instances of bad reactions to it that go away once the drug wears off.

(Glenn Greenwald: Decriminalization of Drugs in Portugal: Lessons For Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies):

As it turns out, I found out that the Nurse Practitioner took it upon himself not to renew my two-month old prescription for Clonazepam, which is a Benzodiazepine in the same class as Valium and a handful of other addictive medications. In prison, the psychiatrists always, without exception, recognized me for the model "patient" (the word patient is misleading but I use it anyway for the sake of convenience) I’ve always been and continue to be, despite the endless attacks on my character since my release from prison for political reasons. On several occasions they offered me Benzodiazepines, which I never accepted on the basis that these medications are addictive. They offered me these medications while in prison, folks. In a setting such as prison, this is an incredible indication of just how much one is trusted. Ironically, they've done an about-face and labeled me a problem child who can do nothing right, since my release. I wonder why. I'm just kidding; I know why.

To make a long story short, the Nurse Practioner, Quentin Shambley, who obviously takes his orders from Michael Fitch, who obviously takes his orders from another shadowy figure like himself, and I had agreed that I whould take a Clonazepam tablet roughly about once every three days in order to help me get a good night’s sleep. I’ve had a sleep disorder since I was 12 years old, which has never been successfully treated despite an open surgery that was partially botched several years ago by a Dr. Bridge here in Phoenix. I actually made an exception this time and decided to take an occasional Clonazepam because it meant the difference between a really bad night’s sleep and a really good night’s sleep, and I really didn’t need to take one every night for them to be an effective tool to get a good night’s sleep. In this manner, I would not become addicted since it takes roughly six weeks of daily use to become addicted to a Benzodiazepine.

Anyway, this "Nurse Practitioner/government operative" decided to insult me one last time (it might be the last insult but who really knows for sure?), since I had decided to leave Saguaro Clinic and had refused to take the blood test for illegal drugs one week ago, which was sheer insanity from my perspective given my years of exemplary behavior and the fact that the government has my residence under complete surveillance 24 hours a day. They watch every movement I make, inside and outside of my home, and all my social situations are simulated realities, socially-engineered situations built around strife and endless provocations by local racists and the "Uncle Tom" minorities these KKK-oriented, moral creampuffs employ to do their dirtywork--and, at pennies on the dollar in most cases, by the way.

So he decided to cut me off of the Clonazepam without even informing me. I discovered what he'd done when I just happened to glance at the prescription just after arriving at the drive-up, and the prescription for Clonazepam was conspicuously missing from the other three medications.

You’re probably wondering why I’m even bringing up such a trivial disrespect in the first place, right? Who cares? Well, I bring it up just to make a very salient point. You see, I was prescribed 10 Clonazepam tablets last month, folks, but do you want to know how many of them that I actually took? This is to show you just how well I learned the lessons that my father taught me about the use of any kind of drugs except supplements. Out of 10 tablets, during a one-month period, I used exactly two of them. That is, I still have 8 of them left over. 

Yet this Uncle Tom, inverted racist, African-American who sold out to the Evil Empire treated me like an untrustworthy, stereotypical "drug addict," as if people who have problems with drugs are not worthy of our love and compassion, as though we should just treat them any way we want to with little or no regard for their rights or feelings. He just decided to take away a prescription without telling me, no warning, to provoke me yet one more time out of what has been thousands of artificially-engineered social settings over the years.

Everything I do takes place inside of a social sandbox. They apparently have never wanted to let the cat out of the bag about me, which I find hard to believe that anyone would want to do me any harm at all in the first place. To the contrary, I see myself as imminently likable and continue to be at a loss as to why any community would not wholly embrace me for the kind and generous person that I am. I do not take offense very easily, and have been turning the cheek the other way for so long that it actually feels like my head is permanently cocked to one side.

This is infantilism, insanity and warfare; it’s not tough love or anything that you would call noble and sublime behavior—it’s absolute infantilism and warlike behavior. Furthermore, I was completely justified in refusing to have my rights ransacked yet one more time by refusing to take a blood test that Magellan of Arizona's adminstrators and staff are not themselves required to take. You can check out the email that I sent to them last week further down the list of my blog entries so that you can see what I did to stick up for my rights with your own eyes and determine for yourselves whether this government operative of a Nurse Practitioner, acting on orders no doubt from the Clinical Director, Michael Fitch, acted “wisely.” Since when does receiving a simple prescription of Clonazepam turn me into a crime suspect? I refuse to be treated with such insolence when I'm humanly capable of stopping it and when I think the stituation is ripe for taking a stand. Sadly, in a world of non-stop disrespect towards me and my downtrodden brothers and sisters who are suffering from severe injustice everywhere, I must pick and choose my battles to be effective.

Remember folks, I’ve had no illegal drug use for almost a quarter of a century and have drank one bottle of wine since 1995. Furthermore, the only reason I drank the wine was to destroy the record I had going. I didn’t want to feel like I was making a statement by not having a drink in so many years, so I had the bottle of wine about six months ago just for the hell of it. No coffee addiction, no cigarette addiction—nothing, absolutely nothing. Yet, he provoked me even as he was fully aware that his own colleagues within the same government agency he works for monitor every move I make, both, inside and outside of my residence at all times. It’s shameful, disgraceful behavior that we treat some of our best citizens with such utter contempt and ignore the message of salvation they are trying to bring to us. Keep your Clonazepam prescription for yourself, Quentin Shambley. If it means being subjected to that kind of indignity, I guess I don’t need it that badly, after all.

If, after ten years of false imprisonment and 30 years of intentional mislabeling in the mental health system, I seem egotistical to some for pointing out just how exemplary my life has been, it's because no one has ever really recognized what I've been through and what I had to do to survive. I really do feel as though I have a lot to teach humanity, and I'm concerned that my message will go unrecognized til the end and, hence, lost forever. Long ago, in the past, when I was afforded a social contract here in America, I was described by those who knew me as a self-deprecating person, meaning someone who undervalues his/herself and their abilities. As I age, I become more and more aware of the fact that my time on Earth is incredibly short in the context of the big picture and, thus, a sense of urgency is required in regard to my mission. Furthermore, any one of us can get sick or die on the spot for an almost endless number of reasons, so we have to be conscious of this fact and use our time judiciously. The fact that each minute is extremely valuable and could be my last is usually not too far from my mind at any given time.

PS   If any one of my “neighbors” wants to knock on my door, I’ll be happy to go outside and show them the remaining 8 pills from last month’s prescription for verification purposes. Somehow, I don’t think they want to know anything about me that would make obvious my true nature—who I really am. They prefer the lies because it’s convenient to believe them instead of recognizing me for the utterly beautiful and loveable person that I really am.  You know what they say, folks, “To know me is to love me,” but that’s not in anyone’s agenda for me. And that means, of course, that it is they who have the problem, not me.

“The truth is the truth even if no one believes it. A lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.” 


"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”

--Mohandas K. Gandhi