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Friday, March 28, 2014

Message To Malala To Think Big Regarding Her Fund For Underprivileged Children, The Future Of Her Nation, And Humanity

Malala, setting up a fund to help the less fortunate is a very worthy, beautiful and quite noble ambition, but you are encouraging most of the world’s children to believe in a collective myth about their own abilities to overcome obstacles they face and, ultimately, to blame themselves when they fail.  You must dig much deeper.

We must not be content with working within this current system. We must change this system altogether if we are going to ever have social justice throughout the world. And there can be no social justice in the absence of economic justice. This will necessitate a redistribution of the world’s wealth out of the hands of just a few people.

You are very young, and such a position would require your taking to task those who are helping you with your fund the most right now. In short, you will someday have to go against the grain of your peers and colleagues and stand up to them to ascertain your freedom, think for yourself and stand on your own.

This control they have over you is very, very subtle at this time. You wield tremendous informal power through your experience that took place as the world watched. Don’t let them distract you from maximizing its full potential. All institutions nurture us to a point, and then we must strike out on our own or become corrupt ourselves. You will reach just such a point, Malala.

For now, just keep what I have said in mind. You are hurting those who are the most vulnerable because you are helping to perpetuate a system that does not work for them, although I know it must be quite difficult and painful for you to approach it this way. In essence, you are putting a small bandage on a gaping wound that is bleeding profusely. Think bigger, Malala, much bigger!

They will have you pursuing tangents, endlessly distracted away from your true destiny when you should lead your nation to great standing in the world someday. England is not where you should be. Democratic socialism provides an answer, but it is not to be found in England dear.

You are learning exactly the wrong approach; you are learning the ways of Empire, the very empire that, along with other Western powers are responsible for keeping your native people poor and in great pain for so many years. You will have to recognize this fact someday if you are to be an effective leader and have the most impact on behalf of the long-suffering people of your great nation.

They have many tools at their disposal to undermine your quest for truth, so be very, very careful. They are not afraid to use that power, and they even control what gets written in the annals of history. Be very careful!

The developed nations of the Western world are not made up of a bunch of really "good guys" in the ways they've portrayed themselves to be to the world all of these years. They have world history completely backwards, upside down. In order to effectively help your nation you must recognize this as soon as possible.

Look what England did to India. More recently, look what it did to Argentina. And even more recently, look what it did in tandem with the United States and others to Iraq--for oil. Snap out of it, Malala! You are never too young to question the meaning of life.

"The unexamined life is not worth living."


"Be realistic; demand the impossible."

--Che Guevara

"History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it."

--Sir Winston Churchill

"Question everything!"

--Albert Einstein

"Only the one who does not question is safe from making a mistake."

--Albert Einstein

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