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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Caseworker's Response to My Last Message And Clarification of What Really Took Place

(This is the caseworker's response to my previous post to Magellan of Arizona's Saguaro Clinic and, then, my clarification of what actually took place in this artificially-induced, fully engineered drama--one of an endless string of dramatic events that have needed to be resolved time and time again since my release from prison in 2005. Funny, in prison I was the darling of practically every psychiatrist I ever came into contact with. It was this way before I went to prison as well. Every psychiatrist I'd ever met it seems has had nothing but superlatives to say about me. It has only been since my release after serving ten years of false imprisonment for whistle-blowing that the mental health community has done nothing but attempt to create problems for me that don't exist, label me a problem child and exacerbate any issues they've managed to create for me. They've clearly been working to destroy my mental health for almost nine years now. This has been a truly stunning turnaround of events for a guy who's spent 30 years now within the mental health system, with most of those years being completely healthy, including the present. Note that it's not uncommon for me to wonder whether or not court orders are being taken out on me when there are periods of silence from staff members like this. The idea is to attempt to frighten you and get you to stress ovrer what actions they might be taking. It's not uncommon for me to have my rights violated through court orders in both criminal and matters relating to mental health. These are government tools to keep me compromised through the corrupt court systems. Note, the female judge who sentenced me to one year of forced medications was named Susan White. I'll go out on a limb and say this was an intentional slight. Her last name of White was no coincidence for a guy who's spent exponentially more time in prison than Dr. Martin Luther King did and for whom I consider to be one of my mentors even in his absence. The really stupid thing about insulting me this way is that those at the top of the hierarchy, the economic food chain in this country could care less about skin color. All they see is green, yet, they get common, everyday people to voluntarily do their bidding against their own economic long-term best interests and chances of survival on the planet no less. I find this fact utterly amazing and hard to believe.)

"Sorry. I had thought I had sent it an email to you, but it is was still in my drafts folder. It is not mandatory you have a drug screening. It was just part of the lab protocol. You can always deny to complete a drug screening. Once again, I am sorry I did not get back to you sooner."



C'mon, these little "misunderstandings" are a strategy being used to sucker me into a comment that's not very flattering of me or, worse yet, that your sponsors can take out of context and use against me, just the same way as the emails I sent to my mother had four completely separated lines from four separate emails that were taken completely out of context and used against me--four lines out of several dozen lines at least. My mother was clearly complicit in the illegal proceedings that were taken against me. No one can argue those statements, upon examination, were anything more than angry (idle comments) words, justifiable comments, by the way, taken completely out of context. Yet, quite obviously, this system of death you work for had a judge in its back pocket (probably one of dozens) to do its dirty work in a court of law. I would imagine every judge in the court system has been corrupted in one way or another, with most of them corrupt to a very high degree.

Moreover, I'd like to point out to the world that my mother is prepared to let me die and is even encouraging this system of death to kill me by any means necessary. I'd suggest you find some reason for living other than serving current power structures that are facilitiating your enslavement and the death of the entire human race through the destruction of the planet's ecosystems. If you ever have children, young man, they will stand no chance of survival thanks to efforts like the ones you and your sponsors are routinely putting forth on a daily basis. You are serving a power structure with a hierarchy that, at the top, is run by bankers and other ruling elltes on Wall Street. Your children will have no chance for survival if you and your fellow countrymen continue along this dark, sinister trayectory for very much longer.

In the meantime, I'd like to be switched to a new clinic. I'll be darned if I'm going to sit around and wait for your handlers to concoct one ruthless scheme after another against me without me doing something to defend my character and integrity (both physical and emotional). This is nuts, you are all acting like a bunch of deranged sociopaths You're literally destroying your very chances of survival with this bizarre and destructive behavior. Get real, guys and gals! There are real-world consequences to what you do for a living. You simply cannot create the circumstances for your own survival by making your living breaking the laws of this nation and undermining the Constitution of our country on a daily basis. Where's your collective sense of honor and integrity?

Snap out of it! Time is of the essence!

Thank you,

Charles Lamadrid

AA Degree (Valedictorian) - Paradise Valley Community College

(Independent Researcher/Journalist, Political Dissident, Activist, Innocent Ex-Prisoner...#45920, Social Critic, Humanist, Teacher...)

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P.S. You didn't answer my basic, fundamental question and reason for writing you the email in the first place. I wasn't asking you whether or not drug screeenings for illegal drug use are mandatory. I was asking you whether or not blood levels for Risperdal Contra are mandatory in order to protect the life of the individual being forced to take a medication he doesn't want or need--that is, medications being forced on me due to an illegally-imposed and corrupted court order for one year based on a few simple angry lines of email that were taken completely out of context and intentionally misconstrued as an excuse to force me into a compromising situation once again. This society just won't stop trying to paint me as a problem child. For God sakes people, I'm a college valedictorian. Have some respect for excellence for a change! You can't possibly hope to paint me as a madman, domestic abuser of little old ladies, pedophile, monstrous physical abuser of small children and hope to get away with that. Those heinous accusations are impossible to reconcile with the facts. Anyone with an open mind and a working conscience should be able to tell I'm the world's nicest guy in a few seconds or less. Have some respect! None of that crap is true! I'm a natural born serious person, devout pacifist and an absolute winner at that. If this society doesn't smell a rat in your collective stories at this point, we're in even more trouble than I thought. I think you would have had better luck just sticking to one destructive theme for destroying my character and, hence, my credibility with the general public. I couldn't possibly have done all the stuff you're accusing me of in such a short amount of time. Especially when there was no indication of criminal behavior of any kind before the initial accusations of pedophilia in '93. There is every indication that I've striven incredibly hard to overcome the devastating attacks that have been leveled against me time and again. How you turn a darling into the monster you've painted me out to be is beyond me--and make society believe it at that--but you can rest assured that I will continue to overcome until my time on this Earth is through. I'm a winner.