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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tricked Into Signing Drug Abuse Treatment Plan Upon Release From Mental Hospital Despite Having Documentation of No Illegal Drug Use in More Than Two Decades

Dear Mr. King,

Upon my recent release from Desert Vista Mental Hospital, I was tricked into signing a substance abuse treatment plan. This is completely laughable. My practically non-existent drug use over the years has been thoroughly documented by Counselor Rose Wall upon arriving in Phoenix in 2005. I hardly even want to leave my own residence to grocery shop because I am so bombarded by hatred towards me in public, much less even consider the very notion of doing drugs in the first place. I don't have even the most remote desire to abuse drugs of any kind, and all of the surveillance cameras you have in my residence should verify this fact categorically. You should know that I spend all my time working and doing activism. That's what you have men and women manning the surveillance cameras for isn't it? Furthermore, I've had no illegal drug use in well over two decades and have drank just one bottle of wine in a little ess than 19 years. I won't be attending any substance abuse meetings as my life has been utterly exemplary in this and all other aspects for practically my whole life. About the only thing you can say about me is that I haven't been perfect. The last thing you should be doing is barking up the drug abuse tree. You are so clearly out of order and in the wrong with such trickery that its appalling to watch how the operation works. Moreover, I won't be explaining myself any further regarding this matter, as it is beneath me to have to explain myself in light of such outstanding leadership especially when it comes to the issue of drugs abuse and the Drug War in general. I also make no bones about the fact that I am a strong proponent for the decriminalization of drug use as such laws have proved to be wildly effective in Portugal and other places, reducing heroin addiction by as much as 50%. The advantages of putting an immediate end to such a sinister and draconian war designed primarily to reenslave African-Americans and other minorities are too numerous to mention here. I will continue to support the immediate end to the Drug War as a political activist, and I will not be muzzled in my efforts to expose the truth to the world. Tell your sponsors that I only have one life to give for what is right and just, and I plan to continue to make it count for something til the very end.

"Let's have faith that right makes might and in that faith let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it."

--Abraham Lincoln

"Give me liberty or give me death."

--Patrick Henry

Thank you,

Charles Lamadrid

AA Degree (Valedictorian) - Paradise Valley Community College

(Independent Researcher/Journalist, Political Dissident, Activist, Innocent Ex-Prisoner...#45920, Social Critic, Humanist, Teacher...)

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