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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Conditions in the Maricopa County Detention Center

I spent a couple of days in Joe Arpaio's jail a few years ago. Just before I was released, I was given a peanut butter sandwich and an orange and was taken to a holding cell where the commode was overflowing with a massive pile of sh$t.

Every cement slab of a seat was pasted with human waste (no place to sit down as the floor was not safe either), and the walls, to a lesser extent also had human waste slathered over them. The sink was filled with the stuff. 

You would have, quite literally, needed a shovel to get all of the human excrement out of the holding cell. The peanut butter sandwich, which I prepared using a little wooden utensil with dirty hands was especially gooey. I tried not to think about all of the sh$t surrounding me and ate standing up. I couldn’t bring myself to peel the orange and eat it.

Some people have nothing left to prove. I've paid my dues a thousand times over. If no one's got my back, I have no one to fight for. I've never had a stake in America from the moment I returned to American soil thirty years ago. From day one, no social contract was ever extended to me.

There's simply nothing here worth fighting for; it's not like the fate of the human race isn't already decided. We're just waiting for the end. Those who don't know it are brainwashed.

Ignorance is bliss. I won't fight for a people who show no indication they're worth fighting for.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Song - 'Goodbye Joe'