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Friday, April 4, 2014

Latest Email to Caseworker @ Saguaro Clinic Regarding Symptoms in the Last 24 Hours, Transfer To Another Clinic Has Been Delayed For The Signing Of A Release of Information

Dear Mr. King,

I'm requesting a decrease in dosage of my injections of Risperdal Consta. Quentin Shambley and I recently agreed to have my dosage increased to 32.5 mg. of Consta. Immediately, after yesterday's injection, I came down with muscle weakness and severe somnolence (a state of fatigue combined with, interestingly enough, sleeplessness).

Would you please inform the Nurse Practitioner that, though my life is not in any danger (I've experienced far worse of the same symptoms in the past with different medications), I await his approval for a decrease in dosage back to the original 25 mg---or whatever the Nurse Practitioner thinks is an appropriate course of action to take given the circumstances.

It should be pointed out that I, myself, requested this increase in dosage because I was experiencing such positive results the first couple of days after each bi-weekly injection of Risperdal Consta (25mg). Worth noting is that I was experiencing no symptoms of illness, whatsoever, (I made this point quite clear to the Nurse Practitioner) as I haven't been ill in well over a quarter of a century.

Please remind the NP of this fact. The combination of daily Divalproex Sodium ER tablets (500mg), Risperidone tablet (4mg), Trazodone tablet (100mg) and bi-weekly injections of Risperdal Consta (25mg) were not causing me any harm other than very common side-effects that most patients experience, like Parkinson's and acathesia.

That is, there has been no real harm, other than Parkinson's and acathesia, in recent years, other than the fact that Risperidone tablets have been proven to change my physiobiology, causing a severe physical addiction (unreported symptoms you won't find in any PDR Manual) that has taken weeks to recover from when I have resolved in the past to prove I did not need psychiatric medications anymore--as I have gone over nine months without medications and without experiencing any negative symptoms of mental illness on more than one occasion in recent years.

Nevertheless, he and I both understood that I was simply hoping to make what had been a modest improvement in my overall mood with court-ordered medications, even better.

It should be pointed out that none of my providers at the Saguaro Clinic, and previously, the Cave Creek facility, were ever even aware that I had gone without medications and never noticed the slightest difference in my behavior, with or without medications. All of this has been meticulously documented with daily records I have maintained over the years.

Thus, the Stasi-state, through the mental health system, had the need (to soil a long-standing record of exemplary behavior in the public eye), like any psychopath hooked on evil behavior and hurting their victims just to cause harm, to use my mother as a tool to have me hospitalized recently (under the most thinly veiled lies you could ever imagine) after 24 years, wich included ten years in prison, without a prior hospitalization..

Even at that, it should be noted that the hospitalization in 1990 took place only as a precautionary measure for reasons pertaining to side-effects of meds I was taking, not due to incoherent behavior. You have to go all the way back to '85 or 86 to find an instance where I was legitimately ill, during my extended recovery from an artificially-induced breakdown caused by my peers at Baylor University, in Waco, Texas. in '83 and '84 

It is worth noting that, while in prison, a prisoner must, literally, cut his own throat with a razor blade and chase nurses around a blood-soaked infirmary (simply cutting your own wrists won't do--I've seen this happen with my own eyes) just to make it out of a regular prison facility and into a mental hospital--an option that was never acceptable to me, by the way. I want the world to know just how hard it is to find acceptance into a mental hospital from a prison facility in the United States of America Many prisoners long to make it to a less dangerous, more stable, more optimal environment--a completely sane thing to wish for which necessitates an act of sheer insanity to accomplish.

Yet, out here, such frivolous behavior as putting people in mental hospitals without justification is taken on in routine fashion to destroy the credibility of a government target. Judges, mental health workers, doctors, mothers and brothers of the target, nurse practitioners, nurses, and the like, all become part of a larger conspiracy against those who dare to tell the truth in our society, about our society.

Thank you,

Charles Lamadrid

AA Degree (Valedictorian) - Paradise Valley Community College - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

(Independent Researcher/Journalist, Political Dissident, Activist, Innocent Ex-Prisoner...#45920, Social Critic, Humanist, Teacher...)

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