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Sunday, September 28, 2014

"American Cartoons Need Tobacco Smoking" And The Tobacco Wars

(Ring Of Fire Radio | Tucker Carlson: American Cartoons Need Tobacco Smoking)

Perfect...(for those who worship their own ignorance maybe). I wonder how they sleep at night, too, but you know what they say about this kind of thing: ignorance is bliss.

Apparently, Tucker Carlson is too full of himself to even be aware of his own arrogance. It's a shame these kind of people are unable to see themselves for what they really are: (a liability to themselves and the species).

It's appalling and utterly disgraceful that these people get paid six figure salaries to push death to unsuspecting people while some of society's finest citizens can't get a job at Burger King flipping hamburgers.

Clearly, we live in a society where the moral order has been inverted. In America, crime pays in abundance.

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