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Friday, November 21, 2014

Message #1

My name is Charles Lamadrid, a dissident going as far back as 1981 when I was first targeted by the powers that be in Colombia, South America. I went to school with some of the people that run that country today.

I'm not sure why they would target a 16-year-old kid, but they did. I created this account for my mother, but am using it, in part, to carry out work as a dissident, along with my work on Twitter.

She isn't comfortable with social media at all as her main ambition in life has always been to get as far ahead while learning as little new stuff as possible.

I have a few friends here that I still care deeply about but having served ten years behind bars as a prisoner of conscience, I am officially barred from maintaining a Facebook account. This has to do with the nature of the allegations that were leveled against me for which I am completely (100%) innocent.

I'm a huge fan of the "Noamster," by the way. If you get to work with him, I can only say, wow, how lucky you are. Hope he lives to be 110. We need him, badly, for as long as we can keep him around. Better yet, maybe they'll find a genetic treatment for old age and the Noamster will be around indefinitely. 

As for me, I am typically bombarded with agents provocateurs in public. I am monitored 24/7 and have been cased by the government as far back as 1990. That's just as far back as I'm sure I was under surveillance, but my actual monitoring probably goes back farther than that. Two FBI agents showed up at my door last year, which, I assume, was an effort at intimidation. 

On any given day, I'm one provocation away from going to jail. I’ve taken incredible abuses for over three decades, and the incredible amounts of indignation I experience can make it hard to maintain control when provoked, especially when counterintelligence agents are willing to lie to put you away. The police are masters at lying on police reports as I’ve found out on more than one occasion.

Well, I could talk to you all day, but I don't want to bore you with my life story. I'd love to be friends with you here on Facebook, but I don't want to put you on the spot. So I'm not going to make the request for now.

If you're interested in friendship, activism, or both, and would prefer that I make the request then just shoot me a message to let me know, and I will formally make the request. As to who makes the request is unimportant to me, but I've noticed some people are deeply concerned with such details for reasons I've never understood. Thus, I'm taking this precaution.

Feel free to contact me any time you like. I'm very much a maverick when it comes to life, kind of like the movie, Top Gun. I may or may not fall in line with everyone else. It's not that I'm standoffish but because I've learned to only believe in myself and to only trust myself.

That's a pretty good indication of just how often I've been screwed. Even my mother screwed me, as I've been blacklisted within American society and partially so in Colombia (online only, as I haven't traveled in years).

Well, nice talking to you. Please send my regards to the Noamster and thanks so much. Chomsky rules!

Charles Lee Lamadrid Blake


P.S. If you’re a seasoned activist, then you know everything we say is being monitored. I figure you know way more than I do, but I’ve always been incredibly cautious by my very nature, so I believe it’s worth saying anyway. I am under surveillance, so you can assume that you are under scrutiny from Empire, as well, with your response. 

Thanks, and countless blessings to you and yours,


If my friendship/activist offer is not responded to I will not take offense. I understand the need for secrecy, so you don't have to explain.

I may, or may not, write you anyway, from time to time, using you as an unofficial way to communicate with the dissident community.

Of course, I have no guarantees, but I'm the kind of person who believes in total transparency anyway. Due to past allegations leveled against me, coupled with almost 25 years of endless aspersions since then, I've learned to keep no secrets. My entire life is an open book and, as far as I know, I cannot be blackmailed emotionally.
I can tell the world anything I've ever done with pinpoint accuracy though it could take me a little time to get used to sharing certain things that are yet to be told. I'm very free in that regard and I honestly can't think of anything that would be that difficult to share at this point. It's all pretty much out there already.
Thanks for taking the time to read my messages. I am more grateful than you may think.
See ya! Charles

If you are who I think you are, then, thank you for the opportunity to pass my information on to someone who may be in a position to do something about it.

You definitely know your world affairs, that's for sure, but don't forget that I'm old enough to be your Dad.

See ya! :)

And I do get scared, sometimes, although I'm more afraid of being misrepresented as something I'm not than I am of dying. We're dealing with utterly psychopathic minds. It's a crazy world we live in.
Continued blessings...