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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Message #2

(YouTube Video - Young Girls Getting into Auto Accident): 

Hello, I need your help again. Are you ready for several daily doses of mystery and intrigue? I think you'll love this story if you like suspense thrillers.  

All of this has taken over three decades to unfold and includes 30 years of false stigmatization in the mental health system, labelled as permanently mentally ill (SMI), and ten years of false imprisonment in the US criminal justice system. This is all factual. None of it is fabricated. Here's where things stand:  

The infiltrator I was telling you about from back in the early 80's, at Colegio Karl C. Parrish, recently posted this video on his timeline as well as a video of a couple being consumed by a crocodile. 

These are not kids' games. We're dealing with very key players throughout Colombia, and these people do nothing by accident or based on whim. No action of theirs is undertaken without a purpose. Luis Rolando Vergel Quintero does not post public service announcements on his timeline. This is a signal to me, and I'll tell you why in a moment. 

As someone who's read in between the lines all of my life, this is a clear message to me, a signal to stop what I'm doing. 

The infiltrator, Luis Rolando Vergel Quintero (you can look him up here on Facebook), has only posted on his timeline every few years or so, yet, he’s recently posted these two videos after I recently confronted him about the past with a couple of personal messages for the first time in over 31 years. 

I believe these are warnings that are going out to me, Zoraida and her three daughters. I'm going to post a photo of Zoraida's three daughters and her brother momentarily so that you can see what we're dealing with. 

Luis Vergel is acting as a spokesman for the powers that be. They want me to muzzle myself. Therefore, my question to you is should I agree to curtail my activities as a dissident in order to keep my friends safe in Colombia and Miami? 

One of my fears has been getting into pre-engineered, pre-arranged auto accidents, and I've had several near-misses on the road that were no accidents, but it looks like they're threatening the girls this time around. I am ghoulishly watched 24/7, and they observe my reactions to everything. They spare no details in their monitoring of what I do.

They know almost exactly what I'm thinking most of the time, as they read body language, facial expressions, and in short, everything I say and do.

While I don't believe in pinpoint mindreading abilities at the present stage of technological advancement, I do believe that it is relatively easy to draw more or less accurate conclusions about what one is thinking based on various forms of body language and, perhaps, central nervous system monitoring. I had a questionable surgical operation performed on me several years ago which raises the very real possibility of the implantation of a computer chip inside me...

Remember, there are three sisters, Zoraida, Luz Marina, Angelica Barros and the two sisters Pilar and Rosario Barrospaez, along with, potentially, all of their friends and their extended families who could be at risk. The two sets of sisters are blood-related (cousins) and lived in two separate homes very close to me when I was a teenager in Colombia from '77 to '83. 

We were all romantically linked at different points during those years except for Luz Marina and Angelica who I occasionally flirted with while dating their older sister Zoraida who was already in college when I was attending high school at Colegio Parrish. 

I consider Zoraida to be the one, true love of my life though she went on to marry someone else and gave birth to three adorable girls you'll see in a photo momentarily.  

It was another classmate from Colegio Parrish and distant wealthy cousin, Ivan DeBiase, who showed up at her Dad’s doorsteps one day to destroy that relationship. I’ve since sent a message to Ivan as well as Luis Rolando Vergel Quintero, which, so far, has gone unanswered as they appear to have infrequent activity on Facebook. 

Remember, Luis Vergel was an infiltrator at Colegio Parrish. That's what compelling circumstantial evidence indicates anyway. 

Karl C. Parrish, the man, by the way, was a rich American real estate magnate who founded the school in Barranquilla back in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s. 

My father's lifelong dream was to return to his mother and family in Colombia to open up his own real estate company there, and my father competed with the Parrish dynasty during our six years in Colombia before running out of funds and returning to the US with what he could salvage of his savings. 

Could I have come under attack because my father was competing with the wealthy and powerful Parrish dynasty on the Atlantic coast? My father was never a real threat to them, in my opinion, but the correlation between my father's wishes to become wealthy in real estate and the Parrish family clan is definitely worth mentioning. 

Perhaps, the real reason why my father's Colombian Dream never came true was because of the efforts of powerful forces in Colombia that had been working against us throughout our stay there? 

Luis Vergel was a young man that joined us at Parrish during our sophomore or junior year. What's so amazing about his entry into Parrish at the time was that he was supposed to be a 16-year-old kid, living by himself and, yet, paying his way through the most expensive school on the Atlantic coast with no job to speak of. And Colegio Parrish was very demanding from an academic point of view. 

But more importantly, he moved into the same house that Pilar and Rosario Barrospaez lived in just down the street from me (down in the barrio). This was a city of several million people, and all of the wealthy families lived on the north side of town, along the northern outskirts of the city, whereas I lived in a lower middle-class neighborhood in the heart of town. 

Luis Vergel's moving there was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. You’d be hard-pressed to find a statistician who would tell you that was a coincidence. 

Luis Vergel's renting of a room in the same house as two ex-girlfriends of mine was about as likely to happen by accident as me winning the lottery. This is why I’m convinced he was an infiltrator, sent down to the barrio to rewrite history by altering the course of all of my relations down there, especially with the two Barrospaez sisters. 

He rented a room from the two sister's Dad and Mom. The whole family lived there in that house, while I played in a Rock & Roll band with the girls' cousin and was a bit of a star in those days.      

Let's not forget the other classmate (one year my senior) who lived a block away from me on the same street in the other direction from Pilar and Rosario's house. All in all, between Vergel, Principal Shepherd and this second student just a block away from me, statistically, it was like winning the lottery three times in less than six years. I'm sure even a statistician would agree with me that none of this happened by coincidence.

I sometimes played the drums at the girls' house (Rosario and Pilar) with a band in the garage with many people in the neighborhood attending the events before joining up with a semi-professional band in the neighborhood, Burbuja de Acero.

Was his purpose there to seduce Pilar and Rosario? After all, they were two of my teenage heart throbs at one point. I love both those girls to this day. Was he there to erase their memory of me and cover up my outstanding relations with everyone in the neighborhood? It was an amazingly happy childhood. 

Later on, when my older brother arrived to live with us, his presence contributed to the decimation of all of my relationships by the time I left to come back to the states to go to college. 

On the day I left Colombia, friends pulled our car over on the way to the airport, Pilar came outside of her house to offer me a handwritten goodbye note and well wishes. I'll never forget that. 

So, do I compromise in order to protect the people I cherish most, or are they likely to kill us or harass and persecute us, anyway, regardless of what we do? 

What I'm saying is do you think any agreement with the enemy could be lasting and beneficial for us over the long-term? After all, did any treaty the Native Americans ever signed with the white man ever prove to be lasting? No, and sometimes these treaties were broken overnight. 

I, for one, can tell you that, by my very nature, I've been opposed by the forces of darkness all my life, and I find it next to impossible to believe that I could ever live in harmony, without any conflict between myself and the forces of evil surrounding me. My very nature won't permit it I don't think.

As usual, I understand the need to protect yourselves, and your lack of any response is not taken as a slight. However, if you could possibly find a way to respond, your insights would be prized and highly appreciated. 

I’ve been saying for some time that I’ve been involved in a decades-long conspiracy that has spanned two continents and involves some of the most wealthy and influential people on the planet. It’s straight out of a drugstore spy novel. 

After 31 years of being under assault, here in the US, it seems like I’m now getting somewhere in terms of definitive answers to my questions. It’s amazing that the mystery has taken over three decades to unravel, after 30 years in the mental health system and ten years of false imprisonment to boot. Your thoughts? 


1) Zoraida's Youngest Brother and Three Daughters 

2) Zoraida in Colombia Mobile 

3) Zoraida 

4) Zoraida's Parents 

5) Some of Zoraida's Extended Family 


6) Pilar Barrospaez, Former Childhood Sweetheart with Dying Father 


7) Rosario Barrospaez, Former Childhood Sweetheart with Father of Her Child  

8) Me, Charles Lamadrid, at age 17  

9) James T. Shepherd and Me at Graduation on June 3rd, 1983, Colegio Parrish Director, Arrived at Colegio Parrish in Barranquilla, Colombia Just Prior to My Own Arrival, After Serving as an Administrator at the Same Junior High School I attended in Memphis Tennessee in '76 & '77. What were the chances? 

10) Me, my brother and parents at our favorite restaurant in Barranquilla, Colombia around 1982. 

11) In the background, as I receive my high school diploma are Class Valedictorian, Mauricio Celin (Vice President of Marketing Banco Occidente, Cali, Colombia and Luis Rolando Vergel Quintero, presumed Infiltrator). Further to the right in the picture is the governor's daughter, now World Bank and IMF Employee, Maria Helena Maldonado.  

12) IMF/World Bank's Maria Helena Maldonado, Presumably Near One of their homes in the DC area. 


13) IMF/World Bank's Maria Helena Maldonado in Historic Vehicle 

14) Maria Helena Maldonado and Husband in DC Area I believe 

15) Me, at age 15, playing basketball with Junior high school in the Barrio, Colegio Americano 

16) With mother in Cali, Colombia in 1980 

17) Posting in local newspaper for travel to the US and Presidential Classroom for Young Americans, 1981 


18) 1981, Photo Taken with Mates from Tennessee and Tennessee Senator, Howard Baker 

19) With Class Salutatorian, Claudia Liemann, June 1983 

20) Colegio Karl C. Parrish, Class of '83 

21) Graduation at KCP 


22) Five years after graduation, in 1988, I was recovering from an intentionally-induced nervous breakdown from abuse suffered at the hands of my peers at Baylor University during my freshman year, living in my car, dumpster-diving for aluminum cans to stay busy during the days and eating at the downtown missions in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 


23) Around 2003, I was finishing out an 18-year sentence for crimes I never committed. The photo was taken during a Battle of the Bands performance at Hobbs, New Mexico Correctional Facility where I played the drums for the Country and Western Band. 

24) Me, today, with twibbons of City of Barranquilla, Colombia and Amnesty International 

25) Graduation Cap and Gown with Golden Tassel 

After my release from prison, in 2005, while serving out the conditions of my parole and maintaining three part-time jobs, I graduated as valedictorian of Paradise Valley Community College's Class of 2007. 

My father, who passed away in 2002, was the motivation that kept me going for the 24 years it took me to get the degree. I could go no further in my studies as my papers were too controversial for Columbia College in Missouri, I ran out of aid money and was forced out of the aid money I had been getting from the Arizona Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. I have no desire to go back, as I learned how to learn on my own, and that was all I needed. 

Today, I am blacklisted (McCarthy-style) within the United States. All social ties, including family members, have been severed, my finances decimated (bankruptcy), forced out of careers as a bookkeeper and eBay Powerseller, and I have been black balled in the medical community. 

Over the last few years, the only medical care I have been able to receive are at Emergency Rooms. Dental care, like regular health care, has been denied to me despite having, both, Medicare and Medicaid. 

All attempts to acquire a primary care physician have been futile, as I can find no doctors that will conscientiously perform their duties in accordance with the core tenants of the Hippocratic Oath. I get my diabetes medications using disability income funds, online, through Mexican and Canadian pharmacies. 

Amazingly, I have diabetes at the age of 49, when my father didn't come down with pre-diabetes until age 70, and my grandmother lived to be 98 without becoming a diabetic or getting sick despite being able to eat an entire box of See's chocolates in one day on her birthdays. She passed away last year. 

If you read all of this and studied the photos, I'm putting you in for the Medal of Honor. 

I'll have to take you and the Noamster out to your favorite restaurant in Boston when I make it up there next time around. It's been over a quarter of a century since I've been up in that neck of the woods. 

My Dad, when he arrived from Colombia back in the 50's, went to school at Nichols Junior College in Worcester, Massachusetts for a while. 

Anyway, when I get there, everything's on me. Don't be afraid to buy the most expensive plate on the menu. Who knows, maybe they'll give me a job cleaning dishes in the kitchen to pay for it all. :)

Take care and continued blessings to you both. 

Your Friend, Humble Servant and One of Noam's Many Faithful Disciples, 

Charles Lee Lamadrid Blake #45920 


It is my strongly held conviction that the former governor's daughter at Colegio Parrish was in on the conspiracy that took place in Barranquilla from 1977 to 1983. It's my understanding that she and her husband are now currently employed by the IMF/World Bank.

You can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Noam Chomsky is personally acquainted with the current head of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim.

It's just a thought, but the idea of an unofficial, informal inquiry, initiated by Director Kim, does occur to me as an informal way of getting to the bottom of this matter once and for all, to find out what actually happened in Colombia three decades ago.

The name of my former classmate, now with the World Bank is Maria Helena Maldonado. At least, Maldonado is her old maiden name. As kids, I used to study with Maria Helena in her Mom and Dad's penthouse suite in Barranquilla. I never suspected any of my classmates would betray me in such a way.

On an interesting side note, the NY City fashion mogul, Nina Garcia, is one of Maria Helena's closest friends from our Colegio Parrish days, and Nina once made a pass at me in the kitchen of the governor's penthouse suite. We were classmates before she left Parrish for Boston and, sadly for me, never returned. I was extremely attracted to her, but she just didn't come on to me the right way that night, so sparks never actually flew, but we did come awfully close. :)

It does occur to me that all of my ex-girlfriends know exactly what happened to me in Colombia but don't want to tell me because it would mean having to admit they betrayed me. Even so, I've made it clear to each of them they are already forgiven for what they did to me.

My theory is that the competition between my father's real estate company and the Parrish real estate powerhouse set off the attacks against me, which set off a chain reaction of events that has never resolved itself to this day. I'm not sure I'm ready for closure, but I seek closure anyway. I mean, how do you undo the harmful consequences of the last 33 years? My life was not just decimated; it was obliterated, wiped out. 


All four pictures, below, are of my former classmate and daughter of the former governor of Atlántico, Maria Helena Maldonado. I sure would like to know what happened all those years ago. 

This is Pilar Barrospaez and her two precious daughters, Valentina and Paula. She also has a young son, a fine, upstanding young man with his whole life ahead of him. I didn't mean to underestimate their importance in my last message.

As you can see, they are a beautiful family, and they certainly aren't chopped liver as you can tell. Pilar has had lupus for about eight years, and it is now affecting her bone marrow if I understood her correctly.

She recently broke her ankle and is laid up in bed. I grilled her briefly to find out if someone had actually broken her ankle and to find out if she was living under any kind of threats or intimidation, but she has suggested with emphasis that things are happening independent of any undue pressure that might be on her.

Honestly, I'm having a hard time believing that. I hope she's telling the truth. It is possible that Pilar's children could be in as much danger, or even more, than Zoraida's three girls are in. 

All of these women betrayed me more than 30 years ago, and so I want to let you know that it is entirely possible that they could be complicit in wrongdoing that is being carried out by those who are trying to silence me today. 

I am beginning to get the sense that Pilar is not leveling with me. Truth be told, she never did except when we were kids, and her perspective seems to be quite small. I get the sense she can't see past her own nose though I will always care about her.

In terms of Zoraida and Luz Marina, they seem to be completely sincere, and in that regard, it is quite possible that, while Pilar may be betraying me again, Zoraida and Luz Marina may not be betraying me at all.  Zoraida and Luz Marina have always been class acts. It is very hard for me to believe they are being insincere.

I get the sense from one of Luz Marina's videos that she was really being intimidated. A trembling voice was a sure sign that she's really afraid. I think I'm going to redirect most of my efforts towards these two. I'm afraid, for now, Pilar is a lost cause. I think she's working in conjunction with the bad guys.

Thank you for allowing me to bounce these ideas off of you. There are definitely unseen forces at work here. My gut instincts tell me Pilar and Rosario were compromised by Luis Rolando Vergel Quintero over 30 years ago, but I think Zoraida and Luz Marina have an honest light shining within them to this day that will be difficult for the bad guys to extinguish. I have to defend them and their families as best I can.