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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Obama Authorizes Sanctions Against Venezuelan Socialists

(Truthdig - Obama Authorizes Sanctions Against Venezuelan Socialists)

Mysteriously, Obama just gets through making a fantastic move that is likely to greatly benefit millions of Cubans for years to come and, then, follows it up with a bonehead decision like this one.

Of course, right now, oil prices are low, so we can get away with trying to provoke and intimidate Venezuela by applying political pressure on them and attempting to sully their image in the court of public opinion before any nations that are willing to afford us credibility we don't deserve. 

Cheap oil abounds in the U.S., so it's time for the godfather to ramp up the pressure on another vulnerable Latin American country (this one, a major oil producer) that is successfully thwarting our use of mafia principles to control it and appropriate their wealth and resources for the exclusive benefit of the corporate owners of our government and that nation's oligarchic ruling elites (proxies that were used by us for decades with the express purpose of extracting that nation's wealth and resources at the expense of the great mass of their population).

It's an especially ludicrous and preposterous position to take given how we've supported one of the most despotic regimes (among others) in the Middle East for decades, namely Saudi Arabia, a brutal, totalitarian nightmare that makes Iran look like a civil rights paradise by comparison.

And Venezuela is the moral equivalent of Bambi when compared to the rest of us, yet, we go on with the same charade year after year, acting as if we're commissioned by God himself to be a moral teacher to the rest of the world. This is the legacy of the American Exceptionalist Myth at work. We're yet to learn that we’re not the world’s indispensable nation.

Oliver Stone Blasts American Exceptionalism, Uncensors History

And all of this is nothing but a self-professed, self-touted moral superiority, ingrained deep within Americans by their elites for centuries, which the facts resoundingly negate for those of us who care enough to pay attention to differences between our government’s narratives and what's really happening on the ground. But without the narrative, you'd be hard pressed to mobilize any mighty empire for war.

Just like the Nazis, who professed to be racially and morally superior, we, too, are guilty of similar crimes against humanity. It gets back to the absurd notion of moral superiority, a hubristic concept that it's, somehow, we Americans who are chosen to lecture the world on issues of morality when, in fact, we're an evil, corrupt and dying regime that utilizes the mafia doctrine and mass deception to dominate three-quarters of the world.

We get away with it time and again because we're masters at the art of mass deception through the use of propaganda, highly skilled at hiding our crimes from world view and, especially, at evading public scrutiny from Americans themselves who are consistently willing to turn a blind eye to our crimes while attempting to hold our presumed enemies to the letter of international law.

The vast majority of us believe the narratives we’re told and never become aware that we're being lied to. Thus, when we don't know what's being done (the crimes that are being committed) in our names, we find it easy to ignore the inconsistencies in our lives and wind up tacitly supporting the crimes of Empire. Like the "nationalist" in Orwell's book, 1984, we have an uncanny ability to not even hear of our own crimes against the "lesser world."

It's vitally important that we wake up to this fact in order to save ourselves and humanity from self-destruction. We should be leading the world in this effort by virtue of the fact that we're the world's most powerful nation, but we are, ironically, leading the race towards total destruction, instead.

That's how we've done it, by using mass deception with the tacit support of worldwide corporate-run media outlets and a global intellectual class of yes-men and women who invariably choose to takes sides with whoever's in power at the time.

This world is chock full of people who will adopt any cheap philosophy as long as somebody's willing to pay them for their services, like most faculty members on college campuses, authors, and intellectuals from all walks of life.

And most of our soldiers, sadly, are unwitting accomplices of an empire that tells them they're fighting for freedom and democracy, not our "unalienable right" to invade foreign countries that pose no threat to us on the other side of the planet, subdue them, kill them if they won't submit to our will, and appropriate their wealth. Indeed, the true purpose of armies throughout history has never varied just like the stated purpose of armies—national defense—has never varied either.

"You have to go to places like MIT, Harvard, and Yale a long time to learn how to ignore the truth that's right in front of our eyes," says Chomsky. It's true. The world is full of misinformed and disinformed, self-promoting people who will submit to any vain philosophy if it will put them on a fast-track to success the way the world defines it.

But there's always that small group of highly-persecuted dissident intellectuals that works on the outer fringes of societies to protect the weak and vulnerable, who speak truth despite being persecuted and marginalized in their own societies.

Thus, you have the great body of intellectuals, the modern-day equivalent to "flatterers of the court" (courtiers in more recent times) during Biblical times right up to the present.

It's largely the lack of backbone and lack of virtues of these people and the for-profit media outlets which are responsible for the wholesale lies and distortions that are perpetuated, wittingly and unwittingly, to the masses of people within societies that keep billions of people in the dark, largely unaware of the grave dangers that lie ahead for us all.

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