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Friday, January 9, 2015

Bill Maher On Charlie Hebdo Attacks and a Dissenting Viewpoint

(Bill Maher on Charlie Hebdo Attacks: "There are no great religions. They are all stupid and dangerous.")

If the global community made near as much noise over the hundreds of thousands of deaths the US government perpetrated for oil in Iraq or its assistance to Israel in the murdering of tens of thousands of Palestinians over several decades, we'd be well on our way to solving the problem of global terrorism and warfare, in general.

But, the minute a few misguided and desperate radicals kill less than a dozen citizens in a rich, Western nation, then, the world comes to a standstill and the cry for justice is unanimous as the whole world comes to a screeching halt over the loss of a relative few number of lives by comparison. And even though one life is invaluable, I cannot help but notice our disproportionate views, as a whole, on the matter, which we seem to be completely oblivious to here in the West.

I’m reminded of the late Professor Emeritus at the University of California, Chalmers Johnson, who, in his film, "The Blowback Syndrome: Oil Wars and Overreach," described the unintended and unforeseen consequences of US foreign policy, consequences that most of us are unable to put into proper context because we’ve been kept in the dark for decades about the true nature of our wars against other peoples around the globe, a phenomenon coined by our own CIA (the American Gestapo) as “blowback” in the 1950’s.

At the heart of our problems is the unfounded belief that some lives are more valuable than others, that the lives of dark-skinned people, somehow, don't matter as much as those of precious white people.

I see people on the internet who never (or seldom) post anything about our crimes against humanity but who, no less, are ready to come running to lend a hand when it comes to the repudiation of the religion of Islam and its many faithful followers worldwide.

There is clearly a double-standard at work, here, and an all-out religious crusade against Islam going on that is fed by the mass ignorance and credulity of those who aren't even aware they are feeding into the vilification of a legitimate religion of more than 1.5 billion of Earth's inhabitants, the demonization of around 20% of the Earth’s total population.

Shame on the world and, especially, shame on the Western world for its wholesale attack on a people, who just like everyone else, cry out only for fairness and equity in how they are treated by their fellow human beings.

These are a people who, by and large, have paid a horrific price for no other reason than they sit precariously perched atop the world's largest reserves of oil, oil that we've had designs for since the end of World War II, oil that we rely on to run our economies with, that we have been willing to kill to get, and oil that, ultimately, doesn't belong to us.

In viewing them as the savages because a handful of their people got angry enough at us to kill a few of our own we, not they, have things backwards. How could we be so efficient at distorting the truth? Despite all our magnificent wealth, it is our shoddy and vain philosophies that make us the Godless, not them.

Until something is done to address the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis (as in finding those who ordered these atrocities guilty of war crimes against humanity and our immediate military withdrawal from the Middle East) and the ongoing slaughter of scores of innocent Palestinians, frankly, the deaths of less than a dozen Westerners although, without a doubt, a tragedy, is not something that I find all that arousing given the overall context in which it’s taking place.

We must regain our lost sense of proportion, our moral compass, if you will, and begin to treat others, not as inferiors, but as our complete equals in every sense of the word. At the risk of coming across as seeming cold and callous towards the suffering of others, I am yawning, although respectfully, over what is taking place in France, despite the obvious tragic nature of the events that are unfolding there.

I am almost sure that more than a billion and a half Muslims around the world, who are probably well acquainted with the inequities in how they’ve been treated by others, would agree with me. My thoughts are far away from the headlines and almost exclusively with the families of those slain, whereas, everything else represents little more to me than tawdry media hype in the name of sensationalism, ratings and, ultimately, a motive for profit realization.

I'm sorry, until something is done to address the needs of Middle Easterners treated unjustly around the world, I can't get worked up over this, at all. The stench in the air brought on by our blatant hypocrisy in all of this couldn't be more stifling, and I’m appalled that so few people are willing to point all of this out at a time when speaking the truth matters the most to us all.

Shame on the Western world, and shame on the rest of the world, too, for its psychological plundering of the religion of Islam and savage disregard for the people who profess to believe in it.