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Friday, January 30, 2015

Malala and a Parent's Humility

What a Godsend for any child when a parent has enough humility to say to a child that their child is wiser than they are. We need more parents like this when the situation calls for it because some people are, indeed, wise beyond their years, and it's our unique experiences in life that make us this way.

I've been waiting for this kind of recognition from my mother and other family members for years. When, much to my dismay, it never came, I kept on shattering that glass ceiling above me with everything I've been able to muster against what, at times, has seemed like insurmountable odds.

Yet, here I am, still giving 'em hell after 34 years of being marginalized and persecuted by a ruthless empire. I'm afraid that, by the time they realize they've made a grievous error in judgment, it will be too late and humanity will have managed to extinguish its own light forever. 

Unfortunately for me, I wasn't graced with the same kind of insightful parents and family members that Malala has been gifted with. Needless to say, I am so happy for her and her entire family. My wish is that they will each be able to remain on that road which leads to even greater truth, wisdom, and justice.

Being the youngest in my family of origin, each of my family members assumed, quite egotistically, that they would always have the upper hand, that they would be on top for as long as we share this planet together. To that end, they've worked diligently and quite selfishly to keep me in a state of perpetual helplessness, as an inferior extension of themselves.

What I've been saying on the internet for years is that more than three decades ago life pushed me way beyond the bounds of average human experiences and propelled me to heights previously unknown by me or anyone in my family. I was forced, by virtue of many tough experiences through the years, to take a higher plane of knowledge.

Despite their best attempts to marginalize me, trivialize everything I do and, generally, hold me down, to make me appear as though I am mentally incompetent, I have shattered that proverbial glass ceiling time and again. 

It's astonishing to me that everyone doesn't see what I've seen so clearly for such a long time, that I'm light years beyond family members and those who carry out this campaign of destruction against me in, both, experience and wisdom.

I continue to hold out hopes that maybe someday they will come around to the truth and believe that my view of reality is, indeed, based on a reality that they are yet to comprehend or appreciate.

Moreover, the endless attempts by family members and the broader public to paint me out to be handicapped through the years have been highly organized and nothing short of criminal in nature.

They are quickly maneuvering me into a position in which my health will be permanently and irreversibly compromised as a result of their destructive patterns of behavior, and it's up to the general public to stop them or live with the regrets brought on by their own inaction.