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Thursday, January 15, 2015

No Response to Last Email in Almost 48 Hours

Has anyone noticed the email sent to Saguaro Clinic to set up an appointment for the next injection hasn't been answered? This is part of an overall strategy of intimidation and psychological warfare, soul breaking.

The last time I had a simple dispute with them at the clinic they had demanded that I leave the clinic and, then, sent a gang of police officers pounding on my door within three hours of the incident. That's right, they, now, have the ability to acquire a court order and enforce it within hours of an incident taking place, just because they say you’re unstable. It doesn't really matter whether an incident took place or not. All their criminal organization has to do to get you detained in a few, short hours is make a false claim.

It didn't used to be this way. Back in the "old days," the police used to have to go through a lengthier process to get a court order approved by a judge that would often take 48 hours or more. You can see the police-state, in its ongoing attempts to control the lives of American people more and more, has now managed to get the process streamlined so that they can deprive you of your freedoms, using legal means, within just a few hours of the initial accusation being made. Unfortunately, an honest renegade, like me, no longer has the benefit of a head start or simply some time to develop a plan of action for dealing with these, so-called, “respectable” thugs of this modern era.

To make a long story semi-short, the clinic has not responded to my request for an appointment in almost two days. This is just one more glitch in a string of bizarre, peculiar mishaps and oddities that, long ago, ceased to be attributable to instances of just mere coincidence. None of this is happening by accident. I’m reminded of a talk that was given recently by two dissidents, where they discussed some of our government's torture methods.

One of the techniques used for breaking souls is to, repeatedly, present a lie as truth and attempt to get the target to accept the wide scale reliance on ignorance as more important than reasoning in how men and women make their decisions in life. Say, for example, if they tell you, over and over again, that one plus one equal’s one, then, they intend for you to accept their line of irrational thinking as something that reasonable human beings would do. In effect, they’ve renounced the use of reason and are attempting to drill you with irrational thought for as long as it takes to break your soul, to get you to renounce the use of reason, as well.

The key point of the strategy is to present the lie over and over again until, somehow, it become truth for the target as well. It's not necessary to get you to believe that one plus one actually equals one, but rather to get you to accept their irrational mindset as something that sane, reasonable, rational people would involve themselves in.

It's a form of anti-life, anti-intellectualism, an attempt by psychopaths to get a reasonable person with a relatively normal capacity for feeling guilt and remorse, to accept slavery as freedom, insanity for sanity, truth as non-truth, hated for love, and so on. It’s a veritable assault on everything that is good and noble in this world.

When actions like these are accompanied by…...(police intimidation, lying on police reports, forced counseling sessions for nonexistent mental issues, the creation of a long, strictly imaginary criminal record through the cold and calculated execution of frivolous litigation, ten years of false imprisonment, two years of probation for illegitimate, illegal purposes, a forced bankruptcy, depriving an individual the right to make a decent living, the denial of health care services citywide (except for emergency services), thirty years of mislabeling someone as mentally ill, a month-long visit to a mental hospital, despite functioning at near-perfect mental capacity (after almost three decades without emergency psychiatric intervention of any kind, which included ten years of dog-eat-dog survival in one of the most demanding prison systems anywhere in the world), having the legal wherewithal (although criminal in itself) to threaten you with the repeated loss of your freedoms and suspension of your civil liberties, indefinitely (almost at will), enticing family members to take unscrupulous, heartless, spiritually bankrupt and tasteless legal action against you through the use of covet means as an incentive, 24/7 surveillance night and day, inhumane and illicit public shaming, grueling, dull, mind-numbing, non-stop humiliation through the use of sophisticated techniques of crowd control, the forced administration of life-threatening, court-ordered drug and making its administration physically uncomfortable and emotionally traumatizing etc. etc. etc. )…..…it all adds up to an ongoing, senselessly brutal, savage and confounding attempt to break the spirit of another human being.

Add onto to all of that a meticulous, methodical, systematic decades-long campaign and you have all the ingredients of an epic war of lies, distortion, deceit and human treachery of immense and staggering proportions that’s involved legions of agents, operatives, agents provocateurs, the repeated manipulation and lying to of the American public, the misuse of sophisticated technology that was meant to be used for real, legitimate purposes and massive amounts of taxpayer-supplied (wasted) dollars to bankroll it all, among other things.

People may be fooled by the fact that there are light-hearted moments in the life of a target when everything seems to be happy and normal, but this is not an accurate depiction of what is taking place behind the scenes. It is well known that people often find ways to laugh and carry on even during some of the darkest moments in their lives.

Anytime someone sees me laughing and having a good time, they should be aware that, in the background, there is ever-lurking a sinister, psychopathic presence that manages to stay away from the limelight well enough to remain hidden from anyone that might fully expose its actions and bring it to justice. They're always there, menacing, even if not active at a given moment.

You might say their activity goes through strategically planned phases and cycles, so it's easy to be fooled when a pre-planned period of inactivity is happening. I've learned that their activity, which includes stalking me inside my residence with the use of hi-tech gadgetry, sinister elements of the public stalking me everywhere I go and a psychologically-focused noise campaign to keep my thinking within certain pre-defined boundaries, always resumes at some point down the road. It’s as if they’re frightened of what I could do if my mind’s thinking abilities were allowed to expand to full capacity, which, given the infinite capacity of the human mind to engage in free thought, is actually limitless.

What is appalling about the most critical moments in which they are carrying out massive attacks on my liberties is that these attacks are all carried out right in front of the American people, with no one willing to speak out and say something is wrong, that the insanity must be brought to a halt. It’s like carrying out a murder in broad daylight while a cowardly, weak, beaten and morally bankrupted public turns a blind eye to it. In effect, a frightened American public (but I honestly believe it’s much worse than that and involves our character, or lack, thereof) is leaving one to fend for himself against the most powerful criminal organization on earth, the U.S. government.

As for me, what I presume to be an unbelievably high capacity for moral courage (because everyone else cowers before those who are in power) will not allow me to let anyone suffer through injustice without speaking out, much less thirty-four years of character assassination and the forced, prolonged physical decompensation of an innocent subject. This is probably why I'm one of the few who they’ve targeted for destruction this way, seeing that I'm one of the few who will dare to speak out against the U.S. government on behalf of other people the world over, even if no one will speak for me.

It, also, explains why they have gone to such great lengths to ruin every aspect of my life, from my personal relations, to my finances and everything in between. I assume that such a herculean effort is directly proportional to the degree of fear that my presence instills in them.

My importance to them is astonishing and unfounded because the campaign to eliminate me has, itself, been epic in nature. Nobody goes to all that trouble without telling you, wittingly or unwittingly, that you're important to them, strategically. It's that, or they have unbelievable, staggering sums of money, manpower and resources at their disposal, which they don't mind throwing away for reasons that no one seems to understand but them. That, while half the world is starving…

So, it seems that the powers that be are frightened of anyone who comes in peace and refuses to remain silent in the face of massive injustice or even small injustices, for that matter. To me, these are ideals worth dying for, and I don't understand why every American doesn’t share this point of view with me.

People have to know, deep down inside, that they're coming for them, too, someday. The longer we procrastinate the more entrenched evil’s hold will become over us. To bury our heads in the sand, now, is to refuse to face the inevitable onslaught that we’re facing and decreases our chances for successfully preserving freedom from tyranny in the foreseeable future.