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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Naomi Klein and the Use of Shock Doctrine in the Interrogation and Torture of Dissident Intellectuals

(Naomi Klein: Shock Doctrine)

The person that thinks that resisting Empire is simply a matter of using one's intuition and intelligence to control one's own emotions doesn't properly understand the U.S. government's persistent and malicious use of the shock doctrine against those it interrogates and tortures over long periods of time.

Getting the subject to regress and behave in a childlike manner is done systematically, in a methodical, sophisticated and highly professional manner in such a way that leaves the victim feeling he is constantly under attack by manically-driven sadists who cannot be held accountable for their actions.

At no point does one get the sense that he can reason with his captors and get them to discontinue the interrogation and torture. For the subject, it's not just a matter of choice, of being mentally disciplined enough to withstand their efforts at manipulation and mind control but rather an adherence to strong moral principles and an ability to demonstrate the very real existence of a bona fide organized stalking campaign against him.

It is vitally important that those with the tendency to believe the subject is under attack and is not insane to publicly demonstrate their support for the subject because the battle is, in large part, being waged as a struggle for public support in the public arena.

Even the subject's mother is highly involved in the wholesale betrayal of her son and intensive efforts have been taken to ensure that no one in the local community will ever find out what is going on and come to the aid of the targeted individual.

To date, the only support that has been achieved by the victim has taken place at the national and international levels. With only one, very recent, minor exception (online), no member from the local community has even made it known to me that they are aware of the nightmare I am going through much less offered to lend a hand to help me prove I am not insane and bring to an end this vicious campaign against me, a campaign that is, without a doubt, quite real.

Any ordinary peace-loving American would be appalled and in disbelief at a counterintelligence campaign to discredit an innocent American citizen that has spanned two continents and lasted over three decades. So far, the only thing my pleas for help from the local community have gotten me is a deafening silence, a complete and resounding, reality-denying wall of silence and betrayal.

It is due to the fact that no one in the local community has been willing to step up and demand justice in my case that I have, for years, projected my experience outward to the entire country. That such a complete denial of my subjective experience is taking place defies a logical explanation. That we could deny the truth on such a massive scale is, both, troubling and disturbing and suggests that something deeply sinister is taking place among the general public.

One would think that such a highly racist place as Phoenix, even with its corrupt and defiled local government, would have enough conscientious people within its boundaries to be able to muster a defense against evil and massive injustice, leaving me in disbelief and amazed at just how effective the government's efforts to contain my world have been.

Either government counterintelligence is doing a superb job of keeping a lid on what is happening to me or my lifelong estimation of the character, will and moral fiber of the American people was wrong from the start.

That I could have been so thoroughly mistaken about us for so long is disturbing to me and, if it’s true, in all likelihood, serves as a death-knell for the human species. I just don't see a society that is this utterly bankrupt from a moral perspective overcoming the kinds of problems we are facing as a species.

The reason for this post is to let any potentially supportive members of the public know that my emotions have been manipulated, systematically, in a highly sophisticated way, for many years.

Shock doctrine techniques are being used continuously to elicit childlike responses from me, and even for someone for whom internal conflict does not exist, no amount of self-control can prevent an eventual loss of emotional control when organized psychopaths are bent on extracting feelings from me that are not within my normal range of emotions.

They have masterfully been able to play upon many of my emotional inconsistencies to take advantage of little weaknesses and exploit them. Even the tiniest opportunity or, oftentimes, no opportunity at all, can be used as an excuse to torment me.

If it were a matter of simple discipline under the kinds of everyday conditions that most Americans live their lives under, self-control would be effortless for me, but these are not normal conditions I am facing.

This is a highly organized, synchronized campaign of mayhem and destruction carried out for maniacal purposes. It involves local police agencies and a massive local cover up, the true extent of which I don’t yet understand.

I have wished for the longest time that someone at the national level would clue me in on the dynamics of such a massive local campaign.

My early life has left me ill-prepared for such an experience and learning how to defend myself, by myself and on the fly, gives the masters of evil and Thanatos a decided advantage over me.

I am at a loss to understand why more detailed explanations for what I am going through haven’t been more forthcoming from major and minor players at the national and international levels unless my social media posts are being limited and not being allowed to get out to the wider public through the use of advanced technology. Are my posts being intercepted? 

My next door neighbors, by my careful estimations reached over a long period of time, have a communication center and a wide range of technologies at their disposal which are being used to synchronize sophisticated attacks against me through the use of an extended campaign of obtrusive and startling sounds. One's emotions are continuously being manipulated or under the threat of manipulation.

Careful thought and reflection on our own personal and world affairs requires long periods of silence and, unfortunately, I haven't been able to count on that luxury in years.  Instead, I have found myself consistently under attack, both, inside and outside my residence.

I find it very hard to believe there aren’t others out there whose experiences haven't been similar to mine. I have gone to great trouble to document my experiences for myself and the American public, and I find it difficult to believe that my experiences are unique. The silence I am getting, despite all my efforts, only helps those who have tried to silence me and turn my experience and voice into a nonfactor for decades.

This is a vicious ongoing attack in which even my mother is deeply involved in criminal behavior through her collusion with people who have targeted the U.S. Constitution for permanent destruction.

That no one at the local level will take action against this madness is very disappointing. It’s hard to believe that people could watch passively as one’s mother repeatedly betrays him without seeking justice for those oppressed.

If my criticisms seem to be harsh at times, it’s only because my disappointment has been so great, and because people don’t understand the deep love for my country that I had growing up.

It's only to those who had great faith in their country that such huge disappointment is even possible. For Americans to not see this is to waste the intense love of country that only a true patriot once felt. 

It never occurred to me that average, everyday Americans would sink to such levels and, frankly, I'm still reeling from the fact that I grew up giving my fellow Americans way too much consideration and credit for their potential to do good. 

I’ve been made a fool of, but if you don’t understand that as your collective loss, not mine, then it is undoubtedly all of you who are the real fools.

If my unjustified faith in my fellow Americans is, ultimately, what leads me to my doom and that’s something that you can all proudly hang your hats on, then I suggest that we are truly a sorry lot indeed.

You’ve let yourselves down every step of the way and have had way too many chances to redress the endless string of mistakes you’ve made. We are a people with very little capacity for good judgment. 

In my absence, rest assured that your actions will not go unpunished and that you will pay for what you’ve done. You will not escape the looming catastrophic events that you've created for yourselves. You're actively engaged in making the bed that you will all have to lie in. 

Actually, I guess it’s more of a blessing in disguise that I won’t be around to experience this fate with you.

Thank you and good luck!

(Naomi Klein: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism)