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Saturday, April 4, 2015

America Deserves a Resistance Movement

America deserves a resistance movement, the kind of resistance movement they refer to when they speak of the French resistance movement during World War II, not the one that largely didn't exist, but the one they talk about.

Much of the French resistance movement was just legend, but that's exactly the kind of movement Americans could and should have.

I'm sick and tired of these armchair dissidents who have never experienced a day in prison or an ounce of passive or phsyical violence perpetrated against them. They shouldn't, from the comfort of their own homes, decide for the rest of us what the parameters of revolt should be. Instead, those who are doing the brunt of the suffering should decide the parameters of revolution based on the actions of our ruling elites.

I've endured 30 some odd years of torture and mostly passive violence (always under the threat of physical violence) being perpetrated against me, but passive violence is almost as deadly as phsyical violence and, in some cases, much less humane than killing someone outright.

What does it mean when you resort to violence as opposed to peaceful protest to solve a social problem? It means, in this case, that our time for peaceful action may have already run out. Every day icebergs are breaking off at the Earth's extremities due to what now amounts to the beginnings of runaway climate change. It means that, if any time is left at all, it is very short and we must act swiftly to avert catastrophe and bring back humankind from the edge of extinction.

Besides having the power to destroy the planet's capacity to sustain life, they also have the power to bring down economies in the name of profits and cause the suffering of untold millions for the exclusive sake of mere personal gain and are perfectly willing to do it without hesitation.

There is no banker, corporate executive or politician in this country that should feel safe, that should feel like they are free to carry out their crimes against humanity with impunity. A solid resistance movement would be picking them up, torturing them and killing them. If you want to resolve this threat quickly and efficiently, you start whacking them and putting their remains up for display for the world to see.

As for me, my life stands as a monument to non-violence. Violence doesn't work for me. I find it revolting but, by the same token, I understand that others don't have the same revulsion for violence that I do, and I, also, understand the absolute urgency of our situation. These people running the show are, literally, getting away with murder right before our eyes and the most egregious crime of extinguishing the species shouldn't go unanswered.

America deserves a thriving resistance movement.

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