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Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Mental Health Industry As A Modernized Soviet-Style Method of Social Control for Political Dissidents

Symptoms of Risperdal Consta (50mg)

On January 1st of 2014, I was court-ordered to accept the treatment methods dictated by operatives at your so-called clinic. Psychiatry, itself, is a pseudoscience, not an actual science. As such, all attempts to diagnose and treat so-called “patients” amount to nothing more than guesswork since the major mental illnesses themselves cannot be diagnosed empirically using the scientific method.

Note that, under no circumstances should I legitimately have diabetes at the age of 49. My grandmother, who passed away just recently at the age of 98, never got diabetes despite eating whole boxes of chocolates every year during the holiday season, and my father did not acquire pre-diabetes until the age of seventy. There is no history of diabetes on my mother’s side of the family and only scant history of it on my father’s side. Thus, acquiring the disease at this age is not within reasonable bounds for me.

Note that Risperdal is a toxic chemical that is notorious for causing the early onset of diabetes through uncontrolled weight gain, and my weight has almost invariably increased from month to month while being forced to take the drug. Doctors/operatives, who are quick to point out that I’m not exercising, never give me credit for the fact the drug is widely known to cause lethargy and a sedentary lifestyle. This shouldn’t be construed as unwillingness on the part of the anyone to help his or her own cause, for not doing what is necessary to rein in health problems caused by the harmful drugs you’re imposing on me.

Since beginning court-ordered treatments of Risperdal Consta for a fictitious mental illness that doesn’t exist, my situation in regard to my physical health has gotten dramatically worse. As my blood levels of Risperdal have increased with each passing month, my body’s ability to respond to medications to control the diabetes has continued to dissipate. At this stage of my imminent health care crisis, on certain days during two-week cycles between injections these medications no longer work at all. This leaves me to deal with the nightmarish symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes that have me, at times, almost to the point of seeking emergency treatment to deal with these disturbing symptoms.

Note, the following list is only a partial one. Also note that these symptoms do not occur with the same frequency and intensity levels over each two-week period, that is, the symptoms do not occur uniformly over two-week cycles. Symptoms come and go the entire time.

Some Symptoms of Court-Ordered Treatment with Risperdal Consta Which Are Getting Worse as My Blood Levels Continue To Rise 

  • · Uncontrolled Blood Sugar Levels
  • · Uncontrolled Weight Gain (one-half to one pound per week)
  • · Near Full Body Neuropathy (Face, Extremities, Wrists)
  • · Muscle Burning in Legs While Walking Around the House
  • · Muscle Stiffness (Decrease in Range of Motion Making Exercise of Proper Hygiene While in the Shower & During Bowel Movements Difficult)
  • · Dry Mouth at Nights
  • · Frequent Urination
  • · Lethargy (Sedentary Lifestyle)
  • · Metabolic Syndrome
  • · Shortness of Breath
  • · Rapid Heart Beat
  • · Increased Risk for Developing Tardive Dyskinesia
  • · Frequently Up to a Dozen Bowel Movements a Day
  • · Flat Emotional Affect
  • · Decreased Mental Capacity
  • · Decreased Overall Functionality

I Want to Revoke My Prior Authorization to be Treated with Risperdal Seeing That the Drug Is Obviously Killing Me Through the Early Onset of Diabetes

Note that the first signs of mental illness I ever displayed were induced intentionally through abusive behavior perpetrated against me by several peers at Baylor University in 1984. I had recovered almost in full from this abuse by 1990 but still needed some time to remain on disability as a tool to help me work my way out of poverty while attending college. In fact, I have thrived for long periods in recent years without any anti-psychotic agents at all. Every indication is that I do better without the drugs.

By 1990, I had re-entered the university and positioned myself to do just that when, in 1993, I was hit with criminal charges for crimes that were fictitious in nature. After a sham of a trial in which my public defender was paid a mere three hundred dollars to take my case to trial, I was convicted on false charges and sentenced to serve eighteen years of false imprisonment as a prisoner of my government.

After my release from prison, I immediately re-entered college in Phoenix, graduating as co-valedictorian of my college in 2007 while maintaining three part-time jobs simultaneously and fulfilling the obligations of my parole.

In short, there’s nothing wrong with me. Other than problems with my physical health that are brought on by the drugs I am being forced to take, I’m perfectly capable of holding a job and/or going back to school. Unfortunately, my student aid money ran out a few years ago, and the institutional racism I am forced to deal with as an ex-prisoner is suffocating.

By far, the worst aspect of all of this has been the role the U.S. government has played in destroying my health and exacerbating the level of institutional racism I am forced to deal with. My social ties, my finances, and every aspect of my life have been targeted by U.S. counterintelligence agencies for decades.

I've taken notice of many of the patterns of behavior that characterize the activities that street-level operatives have perpetrated since 1990 when I first began to pull myself out of poverty. I have recorded some of these activities and can statistically prove through carefully-documented notes that I have been under attack in subtle ways for years, ways that are designed to take place out of sight so the general public is not inconvenienced by what is being done to me.

It's no secret that governments the world over have consistently targeted key members of their own populations in order to maximize their power and control over them since the dawn of human civilization, and the United States is no exception.

I was first targeted by the U.S. government as a child political prodigy while living overseas in Colombia, South America around 1980 (at the age of fifteen) and that political persecution continued when the mental health system was first used against me as a method of social control in 1984 in much the same way they used to do in the old Soviet Union. Political prisoners there were treated as if they were mentally ill and forced to take drugs like I am today.

Even with the use of the mental health system as a method of social control (as a weapon) for thirty-one years, the criminal justice system was brought in to assist (a quarter of a century ago), as the process of monitoring every aspect of my life and setting me up for imprisonment began in earnest around 1990.

Although I have carried the whistle blower mentality with me most of my life, the first official case which I was involved in took place in 1988 as one of the higher-ranking officials in the Albuquerque Housing Authority lost his job, among other actions, and a scandal broke out over improprieties that took place at that agency.

These improprieties amounted to unfair practices in which members of the Housing Authority routinely accepted bribes in return for favorable treatment by certain organizations within the local community. In short, wholesale corruption was going on.

About a year and a half after the scandal broke, the process of framing me for nonexistent crimes had begun. At least, that part of the program that I was aware of had begun. In 1993, I was formally charged with a slew of false accusations and was, ultimately, sentenced two years later after a phony trial was carried out that made an absolute mockery out of our country’s criminal justice system.

After my release from prison ten years later, in 2005, I subsequently landed three part-time jobs and graduated summa cum laude from a Phoenix college in 2007. It wasn’t until 2008, when I began to press for recognition of my innocence that the full weight of the mental health system was brought to bear on me. Until then I had been considered a model patient everywhere I went. For twenty-six years I was literally showered with accolades by practitioners from all walks of life.

In short, I’m a political activist, and the mental health system is being used as a method of social control just as it was in the old Soviet Union, and my mother’s role in turning me into the political police should not be understated in all of this. 

Without her complicity, none of this would have ever been possible, and it is worth mentioning that she has already been reimbursed thousands of dollars by the government for her participation in this scheme to undermine the U.S. Constitution.

And, let's be clear, my mother is not my equal in terms of overall contributions to society, much less someone who should have the upper hand on me and continually lording it over me.

As proof of my activism, my work has been strewn all over the major social media websites since 2008. On Twitter, I am followed by two major foreign dignitaries in Latin America, one in Australia, and several major U.S. politicians, including one senator, one former U.S representative, a shadow congressman from the District of Columbia, one former presidential candidate, the governor of the state of Rhode Island and gubernatorial candidates from several states, not to mention one Seattle City Councilwoman, and my situation has garnered the attention of some of America's most well-known political dissidents.

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