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Monday, July 13, 2015

When Choosing The Road Less Traveled Comes With Stifling Persecution And Intense Stigmatization

Dear Clinical Director,

Dr. Everson has asked some probing questions that, frankly, I'm quite concerned about. She has suggested there is something wrong with me other than the fact that I'm being heavily overdosed on the drug that’s being administered to me at your site every two weeks. I have to say that, if it weren't for the overdosing I'm experiencing, at fifty years of age I've never felt better, at least, in terms of my understanding of the world and my place in it.

In terms of my physical health, it is quite another story which I will get to momentarily. That’s not to say that I’m not experiencing emotional problems due to the overdosing, also, but this problem is minimal compared to the very real threat to my physical health posed by the administration of 50mg of Risperdal Consta, twice the average dose of the drug.

Clearly, this is another attempt to find some defect in me in order to discredit me further when, in fact, I'm clearly a role model for everyone at your clinic and American society, in general. I don't know what Mrs. Everson had in mind, but I won't be partaking in the tomfoolery. What a disgrace that I'm this sick, physically and, yet, all your staff can think about is creating a laundry list of diagnoses to add to the immeasurable harm they've already caused.

You hurt your own cause when you're not big enough as individuals to recognize when someone else is right and take action to alter the path you're on while you still can. The survival of the species is at stake, and this government is the biggest menace to it on the planet. You should be learning from my example, not attempting to use old Soviet-style methods of social control to keep the unadulterated truth from getting out to the American public. I’ve been a target of U.S. domestic counterintelligence agencies for decades. Many people know this by now and your campaign has been a failure in this regard.

As proof of my political activity, it would be impractical to list all of my distinguished Twitter followers, but some of the most notables include two U.S. senators, one sitting governor, several former gubernatorial candidates, one former U.S. Representative, foreign dignitaries from The Argentine Republic and the Plurinational State of Bolivia, city officials tied to the mayorship of Bogota, Colombia, one mayoral candidate from Colombia’s third largest city, one Seattle City Councilwoman, one former Australian Minister and long-time parliamentarian, various high profile online magazines dedicated to political activism in the United States, one U.S. presidential candidate, and a host of very successful musicians, not to mention the fact that I’ve been informally associated with several internationally-recognized climate scientists and have had the extreme good fortune of being associated with several thousand incredible followers from around the world.

Let me reiterate that my recent blood tests were abnormal in various areas which suggests that I am, in fact, being heavily overdosed on the drug that is being administered at the clinic. Stool samples proved to be negative lending credibility to my claim that the problem is related to this drug overdosing.

Moreover, I have relayed vital information to your staff about potentially life-threatening health problems such as shortness of breath, dizziness, muscle fatigue, muscle burning, heart palpitations, rapid heartbeat, and so on. These symptoms wax and wane with the injections I'm being given indicating a causal relationship with them. Neither your staff nor the primary care physician at the doctor’s office has done anything about these symptoms which were brought to your attention months ago to no avail.

There have been two occasions when part of the injections given in my deltoid muscle dribbled down the side of my arm just after being injected, and the improvements in my mental and physical state were, both, immediate and dramatic in both cases. But, then, 50mg injections were continued and the levels of the drug began to build up in my bloodstream making me physically sick again.

For a person who’s been psychosis-free since 1985, 50mg of Risperdal Consta represents twice the average dose of 25mg that would be given to a psychotic person. It should be noted that I’ve been a member of the mental health community for 31 years and, during those years I have never required more than the minimum dose of Fluphenazine Decanoate which I took for two decades. During the other ten years or so, I took Risperdal tablets at 2mg per day which I tolerated very well as long as I could take the brand I was compatible with.

Unlike most clinicians, I’ve had the benefit of being delusional for a year back in ’84 and ’85 and, thus, am intimately familiar with the many intricacies of delusional thinking. I’m in the position of being profoundly knowledgeable about the type of thinking that your doctors claim to be treating me for, and I can say that I’ve never felt better from a psychological standpoint, except for the fact that the drug you are administering to me has me waking up every day in fear for the first time in my life and experiencing hopelessness in regard to the plight of mankind for the first time in my life. Interestingly enough, these symptoms started right after the dosage of the drug being administered was increased to 50mg.

There are members of the public at large who know my recent month-long stint in a Mesa mental hospital was an attack on my work as a political activist and had nothing to do with any psychiatric issues that I’ve, presumably, supposed to have been experiencing for a year and a half now. You’re simply using the mental health industry as a weapon of social control and political repression. The court proceedings held against me were a sham and members of the general public are increasingly aware of this.

How can you take four sentences out of context from approximately one dozen emails (some of them quite long), make an argument that someone is psychotic based on them, submit him to a month in a mental hospital against his will and, then, force that person to take twice the average dose of a powerful antipsychotic for a period of two years, a drug that is conveniently destroying the health of the political dissident in question and, no doubt, shortening his possible lifespan in the process?

Everything about this situation, from the bought-off judge who made the decision against me in court, to the destruction of my physical health, to the way in which this situation is being intentionally portrayed inaccurately by you and your staff, has been a farce. I could go into all the ways in which this situation is an egregious lie but you and I already know it’s true as do members of the public and the international community.

Something is terribly wrong here and, despite all the signs your staff is destroying my physical health and exploiting every opportunity to create problems for me out of thin air, your people now want to pursue finding psychological problems with a fifty year old man in order to continue a silly campaign by the government to discredit a well-intentioned political activist. I was born at night, but I wasn't born last night.

How about we deal with the health issues you’ve created, Mr. Fitch?

Psychiatrie (34:37-40:30)

Thank you,

Charles Lamadrid

AA Degree (Valedictorian) - Paradise Valley Community College - Phoenix, Arizona, USA

(Independent Researcher/Whistleblower, Citizen Journalist, Dissident Intellectual, Activist, Innocent Ex-Prisoner...#45920, Social Critic, Humanist, Teacher...)

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