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Friday, August 7, 2015

Getting To The Bottom Of A Decade Of Erratic Behavior

Erratic Behavior (Naturally-Occurring or Contrived?)

If anybody attempts to make the argument that I started my blog and "got better" after I began being forced to take a drug that is harmful to me, bear in mind that my Twitter account has been online since 2011, well before I was ever deemed "unreasonable" by the gods of modern psychiatry, a pure pseudoscience, by the way.

And, if you go back and look at what I was posting during those years, you'll find that it wasn't any more erratic than what I'm posting today. I'll be the first and the last to admit that my behavior has been erratic, off and on, for about ten years. That has nothing to do with mental illness and everything to do with being constantly surrounded by agent provocateurs bent on making me appear erratic to the general public.

Agent Provocateur (Wikipedia)

Yes, if you politically repress someone, oppress them, destroy their health and their appearance, destroy their finances, destroy their social ties, their educational opportunities and basically blacklist them like dissidents were blacklisted back in the 50s during the McCarthy era then, of course, that person is going to look erratic on the world stage now and then. That's an integral part of discrediting someone so that he won't inspire confidence in others.

Your government went to great lengths to build that perception among the general public. As an adult, I've never had anything remotely resembling a "normal life." Take away the persecution, allow me to live an ordinary life like everybody else, and you'd soon find me excelling in many areas.

The basic difference between me and my critics is that they've had the benefit of a social contract all along. It's not the same for me, although, they probably aren't honest enough to give me that kind of credit or admit they've had the luxury of favored status all these years.

They've had the wind at their backs while I've been climbing mountains. It's the difference between pedaling your bicycle uphill and coasting downhill all the way. Try it some time, then, tell me that my erratic behavior was coming from an unbalanced mind and not being sucked out of me by agent provocateurs who've more resembled psychic vampires than warm-hearted, decent human beings.

I became a political dissident the minute I was targeted over three and a half decades ago, although, ironically, it seems like I was one of the last to find out. I'm learning this as I go along, folks. My awakening wasn't all that long ago, and much of what I've learned has been on the backs of giants. If it weren't for them, I'd still be at square one.