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Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Declaration of Independence on August 6, 2015 AD

The Truth About Sexual Fantasies & Our Disposition Towards Acting Out

(Top 55 Sexual Fantasies) 

Look at this chart. If 20% of men fantasize about forcing another person to have sex does that mean that 20% of all men act out those fantasies? There are about 2.3 million people, total, in our prison system for all crimes. 20% of the US male population is 33 million men. What does this data tell you about men's propensity for acting out their sexual fantasies? Would you agree that almost everyone who has sexual fantasies about forcing someone else to have sex never acts out those fantasies?

Okay, let's try this. Almost 11% of women fantasize about forcing someone to have sex with them. Does that mean that 18 million American women will rape someone during their lifetimes? Remember, there's 2.2 million people in prison for all crimes.

How 'bout this? 20% of men fantasize about having homsexual (or gay) sex. Does that mean that 33 million men will act out those fantasies at some point in their lives? Has one out of every five males had a homosexual encounter?

37% of women fantasize about gay sex. Does that mean that 55 million women will have gay sex at some point in their lives? That's one out of every three women.

Then, what is the actual percentage of the US population that's gay? Less than 5% of the US population self-identifies as gay or bi-sexual according to the Washington Post.

(Percentage of Population that is Gay, Lesbian or Bisexual)

Now, using this same technique, if .94% of the US population (that's less than 1%) is in prison for every crime you can imagine, and we have, by far, the largest prison population in the world (we are 4% of the world's population with 25% of its prison population), then, what does that tell you about that 1.8% of the male population that admits to having sexual fantasies about children under the age of 12? It means there are about as many men with fantasies about small children than every prisoner in the United States of America for every conceivable crime you can think of.

Now, if .80% of women admit to having sexual fantasies about children under the age of 12, this means that there are half as many women in America who fantasize about having sex with small children as there are total prisoners in the US prison system (.94% of US population is in prison).

Just by looking at the chart above and thinking carefully about these numbers, common sense will tell you that practically everyone in America is fantasizing about something of a sexual nature that doesn't fit the image of nonsinful, "perfect sex." That is, a man and a woman in the traditional missionary position. This means that practically everyone is being a hypocrite about something and is downplaying their own sexual oddities while emphasizing the sexual peculiarities of everyone else. We tend to lean towards hypocrisy don't we? Take a good look at that chart and tell me if I'm wrong.

But my main point is this: Gandhi used to say that we are what we think, and many people who want others to feel guilty, ashamed and humiliated for their sexual fantasies use this saying to tell their victims that whatever they are fantasizing about in the privacy of their own bedrooms is, automatically, what they will wind up doing in practice. That is, sooner or later, they say, you will act out your sexual fantasies with others, whether they welcome your advances or not. So, what does the above data tell you about that logic? It tells me the vast majority of people will never act out most of their sexual fantasies where coercion or violence are involved.

Do 20% of men (33 million) rape other people? Do 10% of women rape other people? Do 20% of men engage in homosexual practices? Do a third of all women engage in homosexual practices? Does almost 2% of the US male population have sex with children under the age of 12? Does almost 1% of the female population have sex with small children? Does 100% of the US population act out every single sexual fantasy they've ever had or is the honest truth that most people never act out their fantasies at all, especially, those that involve coercion or violence of some kind? So, what does this tell you about Gandhi's saying that our thoughts will lead to actions? They don't always lead to actions do they? In fact, in the vast majority of cases, they never do lead to actions.

So, what happened to me in 1990 when, at the age of 25, I fantasized about sex with a child for the first time? Your government was in my bedroom surveilling me at the time and used that simple act as a precursor for a lifetime of persecution for someone it had targeted as a political dissident from the age of fifteen. Your government used that act as a pretext for justifying sending me to prison for ten years and, in retrospect, as justification for decades of social control in the country's mental health system. They were manipulating your emotions and taking advantage of your ignorance--and mine--the whole way.

Yes, once and for all, I have fantasized about sex with children, but those fantasies never did translate into acts with children. Can we move on now? Your imperial government and its corporate overlords used those fantasies as a pretext for justifying my condemnation for "thought crimes" in order to defend some of its most important and useful assets in Latin America.

Colombia represents the third largest recipient of US foreign aid in the entire world, behind Israel and Egypt. And, as Noam Chomsky pointed out, the level of foreign aid our government sends to other countries is directly proportional to what our business interests extract from those countries by ransacking them, by ingratiating ourselves with their ruling elites and using them as proxies. In the case of Israel, they help us control the largest oil reserves in the world, and Egypt is also, strategically, of great importance for the Suez Canal and more.

I attended school with some of the people who are running Colombia today, and I got an up close and personal view of a side of Empire that few people on earth ever get to see, and even fewer recognize for what it is when they see it.

This is why I feel like I'm uniquely positioned to pass along a significant amount of expertise about Latin America and US foreign policy, in general. Moreover, I have applied a lifetime of experiences via the school of hard knocks towards a multitude of other topics that I feel I'm uniquely qualified to talk about. Some of you may find that, once you acquire a certain level of real world exerience, those experiences can be applied to research in many areas.  

So, why don't we get the US government out of my life, once and for all, and put aside this silly notion that any person is a threat to children based solely on the content of their sexual fantasies? If everyone with an "illegal" sexual fantasy was put into prison for those fantasies, there would be few among us who would escape spending years behind bars or, at least, some degree of intense social shaming, guilt, and/or humiliation associated with those fantasies.

Think! I never crossed the line and never will. My fantasies weren't supposed to become a matter of public discourse any more than yours. The US government has done irreversible damage to my public image and has insulted me to no end for decades. This was blatant abuse of my right to privacy from the start, for none other than insidious political reasons. How would you have liked to have been dealt 35 years of abuse just for seeing things you weren't supposed to see?

Educate yourselves. And help me to get the government out of my life once and for all. I have a right to privacy just like everybody else. Based on a lifetime of sound decision-making, I never relinquished my agency to any person or group on earth, and I never will. I'm my own moral agent, and I should be treated as such. I'm a sovereign human being based upon a lifetime of commitment to solid moral principles, and I hold these truths to be incontrovertible based on years of rational analysis on social media and unmistakable personal integrity since my release from prison in 2005. After all, I wasn't going to prove I didn't do something before I got accused of it. 

I shouldn't have to explain myself. I shouldn't be the focus of controversy any more than any one of you should. You owe it to yourselves to face the truth just as much as you owe it to me. That's what having real integrity is all about. That is, being honest with yourselves and turning that honesty into something that is just and fair towards me. I've spent the better part of a decade explaining myself to the public over and over. What more can you ask of a man than for him to make every attempt to reason things out with people and not take matters into his own hands? That's what I have done.

If you refuse to pay attention to the truth what, then, do you have the right to expect of a person? This is no longer about what's on paper or on some computer hard drive somewhere about what I, presumably, did or didn't do a quarter of a century ago. This is about what should be indelibly inscribed in your hearts by now. Beyond that, you probably have the most corrupt criminal justice system in the entire world. If you haven't experienced it for yourself you, or your children, will some day. And it's only gonna get worse before it gets better.