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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Historical Significance of a Government That Just Keeps Giving - Venezuela's Bolivarian Socialism, A Model of Creative Altruism (Revised)

I would ask this simple question to the world: is it more honorable for a government of great wealth to afford its citizens a better life, or is it more noble for a government of modest means to give all that it can afford, and then some, to help its own citizens?

For a government that's lost around 40% of its total income to still be delivering 60% of everything for programs of social uplift is an astounding act of altruism for any era in human history, and such loyalty shouldn't go unnoticed. The Moses of American broadcast journalism, Edward R. Murrow, used to say there's nothing wrong with bias as long as you don't try to hide it. So here, once again, is mine.

For the Bolivarian government to demonstrate this kind of commitment after dramatic decreases in oil prices in recent years, the loss of revenue clearly demonstrates a level of commitment to its people that we've rarely seen in throughout the course of human history. Times are hard, and "what have you done for me lately" is the standard by which all governments are judged, especially in historically poor nations, but we do know why times are so hard, and we know it wasn’t mismanagement of the country that brought the Bolivarians to this difficult place they're in. And, yet, despite all the difficulties, they haven't missed a beat when it comes to expenditures to help their own people, a startling revelation if you just paused for a moment or two to consider the bloody, tumultuous history of human on this planet.

What governments during throughout the course of human history, with the exception of a few governments in Latin America and Europe, have ever done this for their people? Their level of commitment to democratic standards of excellence serves as a stark lesson for Americans whose government has betrayed them throughout their history to the tune of approximately 30 trillion dollars during the Great Recession of 2008 and its aftermath. An astonishing fact about this is that the average American household lost 40% of its savings between 2008-2011. This internal burglarizing of a nation by its ruling class turned out to be the greatest heist of money from the poor to the upper classes in history and is the hallmark of dirty, diseased and dying regimes. 

(Financial Crime - Class War Films) 

Can we imagine a government that spends 60% of its budget on programs of social uplift? Though we may begin to approach such a figure, technically, we remember that one out of every four corporations in America pays no income taxes, at all, including some the biggest winners in this dying system of predatory capitalism. As a result, we're all living on the eve of destruction. Do any honest Americans have the audacity to tell me I'm crazy for admiring and recognizing the altruism on display in Venezuela?

Any honest American would love to have a government like that, and it was our government that recently acted as the facilitator for that upward theft of wealth. The biggest "welfare queens" in the country turn out to be the bankers who, as a whole, don't turn a profit but receive around 83 billion dollars every year in free handouts from the U.S. taxpayer. How is it possible that those institutions which were responsible for tanking our economy and a large part of the world's markets, also, receive more money every year than gets allotted to the Food Stamp Program (81 billion USD) and, yet, remain respected to the point of adulation by some Americans? Why is the banker taking free handouts considered a "shrewd businessman" while the poor person accepting a gift is stigmatized for being a "moocher?" Why do the rich get bailed out while the small children of this nation are born to parents of modest means and required to learn market discipline? 

Occupy Wall Street began to shed light on the crimes of our government and its elites before it was cracked down on by Barack Obama, but we remain largely a nation of obedient, conformist, consumer-oriented, semi-consious humans who are completely subservient to the powers that have set up this rigged system  and are preparing to do it all again in the not-too-distant future. In the telling words of former President, Jimmy Carter, the U.S. is now an oligarchy, no longer a democracy.

Americans should stop to consider what it would be like if we had the kind of government the Venezuelans have relied on since 1999. What would it be like to live in a world with a government that, despite losing 40% of its income continues to spend 60% of it on programs of social uplift, even after people voted to give control of the country’s parliament back to the wealthy who got them into this mess in the the first place?

We should wake up to the fact that our media is commited to bringing us incorrect information about the world we live in because six major corporations own 90% of that media. It turns out that this media is conveniently owned by rich people with an agenda that's there to serve their shareholders and other wealthy people like themselves. Until we figure out that the Nightly News is lying to us about the world we live in, we're going to be at a disadvantage when it comes to figuring out our actual circumstances and what to do about it. It's all a lie. 

(U.S. Media and the Israeli/Palestinian Crisis - Documentary)

(George Carlin - Comedian - The Illusion of Choice)

"More than by force, they use deception to dominate us."

--Simón Bolívar

Do we minimize their altruism, pretend it's unimportant, or recognize it and demand our own rogue government uphold its sovereignty so it's more likely to happen in the future? If you don’t support ideas with the potential to bring you relief from your own suffering, they'll die and your options for creating a better world for yourselves with them. As Albert Einstein would say, leading by example isn't another way to teach, it's the only way to teach. We Americans have our work cut out for us. Venezuela has provided us with a noble example, and it's up to us to learn from it.

If you fail to water a plant bearing good fruit, it dies from malnourishment and the sustenance it would have provided with it. The same applies to people and mass movements which are the backbone of all major social change in the world. The events taking place all over the world affect us here at home, also. We live in a world held together in a single garment of destiny as Martin Luther King, Jr. said. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. All good, as well as bad, has a ripple effect that eventually comes full circle to find us someday.

The significance of noblility by a government is magnified even more when you stop to consider the last few thousand years of human history. How many governments have done such a thing in the past? Few have ever tried.

We should begin to see the irony in our current situation as our government uses its influence in the world to demonize the leftist government of Venezuela for reasons that have everything to do with the retaking of their oil reserves and other resources for the benefit of U.S. transnationals. This is happening while that country's poor are being pre-destined, once again, to live out their lives on the very edge of human existence. Do these committed socialists who won't stop giving deserve our scorn, or are they heroes worthy of our our praise and admiration?

Do Americans know our government is carrying out covert operations in Venezuela to prevent a democratic government from succeeding just because that government is refusing to obey the dictates of Washington and hand over its resources to our transnationsals for peanuts while neglecting the needs of its own citizens who need that revenue to meet their needs, not the selfish, greedy desires of predatory capitalists with no regard for human life?

Can the world still recognize a good government that is being bombarded with negative press from the United States? The same question should be asked of Venezuela's electorate which infamously voted to reinstate their old, oppressive oligarchy during the country's parliamentary elections on December 6th of last year and pick up where they left off in 1999 by resuming over 500 years of exploitation at the hands of foreign powers. This leaves their president, Nicolás Maduro Moros, to carry out his job duties as a lame duck president in the same way any U.S. president would be a sitting target if he had to deal with a Congress controlled by the opposition. 

"An ignorant nation is a blind instrument of its own destruction."

--Simon Bolivar

We’re missing the point and failing to see the real meaning in Venezuela's predicament, the historical significance of a government that steps up to the plate for its citizenry and risks everything just to be denounced in the global press as power-hungry tyrants. The real tyrants happen to be on the other side of the Caribbean. We should reward unselfish behavior before we lose a progressive, forward thinking government that stands to go down in history as one of the most generous political movements historians have ever seen and, quite possibly, ever will again.

(Venezuela Slashes Military Spending by 34%)

Perhaps, the biggest irony of all is that our leaders systematically demonize the Bolivarians on the world stage for spending 60% of their income on social programs while our own government spends a whopping 55% of its budget on a sprawling military-industrial complex that's devouring the very tissue of our nation from within in a selfish pursuit of global domination. This pursuit has led to the ruin of every empire that ever preceded it with the one possible, partial exception of the United Kingdom. In the words of the late 
Professor, Chalmers Johnson,  we can have an empire or a democracy, but we can't have both.

(CIA World Fact Book - Military Expenditures by Nation)

This pursuit of global dominance, which the planners first began to recognize as a "viable option" when America was at the peak of her economic might during World War II (having 50% of the world's wealth despite having only 4% of its population) is an imperial blood bath measured in the loss of millions of lives and countless others harmed forever.

There is little hope for change until things get worse for us, a disgraceful turn of events for a Grand Experiment that once captivated the world with its lofty ideals that have now turned into little more than empty rhetoric and billions of shattered lives stretching from one end of the planet to the other.

(Pale Blue Dot Animation - Narrated by Carl Sagan) 

(South of the Border - Al Sur de la Fronter - An Oliver Stone Documentary - Documental) 

(La Revolución No Será Televisada - An Oliver Stone Documentary)

(The Revolution Will Not Be Televised - Chavez: Inside the Coup - An Oliver Stone Documentary)